Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What happened to the Country I Love

As a young man, I became a Marine and fought for the freedom of this country. Sweat, grit in your teeth, hunger, thirst, your body so tired you think you can't go any further. But you go on. You go on for your buddy and to not let your unit and country down.

I have floated aboard the bowels of troop ships sweating, and exercising while watching the hot bunk above me occupied by helo mechanics collapsing in the bunk off and on day after day, making sure our rides were ready if called for us to deploy to enforce our countries polices.

On liberty you saw how poor people who's leaders cared more about themselves, than those who they were supposed to be looking out for would come up to you asking for money.

Now, day after day in this country, I am seeing more and more people at grocery stores or at gas stations asking for money. Men tattered and torn looking for work but can't find any. Women looking for some money to feed her children for the night looking for some help. Some of you may say that I am an easy touch and that these people are just pan handlers.

Well, I have lived in the same neighborhood for over 15 years now retiring from the Marine Corps and I have never seen this happen in my area before. So, what has happened? What has happened?

Folks, we need to change the direction we are heading and we need to do it right now.
Sure, it is going to be tough but the environment for business growth is what is needed now.

If you do not want to defend what is yours on your own, which I feel is coming very soon then we need to make changes NOW! I do not want good men here to feel they have to resort to other means to feed their family.

Our country is hurting and hurting bad. We need leaders to look after the people they were elected to represent, than to pad their own pockets. Give them one term and if they do not represent you, then vote them out!

Become involved in your country before you are forced to.

I am voting Republican. If I find they are working to stay in office instead of voting for the good of the entire United States, then it will be time for them to go.

Look at the issues and vote. A lot of good men have given their lives for this right.

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