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Vote for Linda McMahon
In Case You Missed It: The New York Post Endorses Linda
Oct 8, 2010
Apart From His Vietnam Lies, Though, Blumenthal, If Elected, Would Be Another Vote For The Economically Catastrophic Democratic Explosion Of Big Government That Has Led To A Current-Year Deficit Of $1.3 Trillion – And Unemployment Holding Steady At Nearly 10 Percent.”

McMahon for US Senate
New York Post - Editorial- Friday, October 8, 2010

The Post today endorses Republican Linda McMahon for the US Senate in Connecticut.

If she wins – and polls suggest she is closing in fast on her Democratic opponent – this would be a major pick-up for the GOP, which hasn’t won a Senate race in the Nutmeg State since 1982.

By all rights, McMahon would seem to be the ideal political neophyte seeking office: Well-spoken, intelligent and CEO of one of the state’s largest and most successful businesses, which has brought 600 jobs to Connecticut.

She is running on a ticket of fiscal conservatism, combined with socially moderate positions. While not a Tea Party candidate per se, she clearly has tapped into the voter anger and frustration that has fueled the movement.

Her opponent, Richard Blumenthal, is a career politician and conventional liberal Democrat who’s spent 20-plus years as state attorney general.

He’s also a proven liar – having been caught repeatedly claiming to have served in Vietnam, when the closest he ever got to the war is New Haven.

Worse still, it took him days to apologize – and then only in an e-mail statement in which he regretted “offending anyone.”

Little wonder that McMahon’s suggestion – “If he’s lying about Vietnam, what else is he lying about?” – has helped erase what just months ago was a 40-point Blumenthal lead.

Apart from his Vietnam lies, though, Blumenthal, if elected, would be another vote for the economically catastrophic Democratic explosion of big government that has led to a current-year deficit of $1.3 trillion – and unemployment holding steady at nearly 10 percent.

Linda McMahon promises to help restore fiscal sanity to Washington. She deserves the support of Connecticut’s voters on Election Day.

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