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On 2 Nov. Vote A many a good men gave their all so you could.

To those men who have fought for it, FREEDOM has a meaning the protected will never know.

It does not matter if you are a democrat or a republican we are all Americans. Go Vote!

Dear Reader:

It is an honor to recognize the remarkable contributions of Black men and women to America's security by issuing this revised edition of Black Americans in Defense of Our Nation. From the Revolutionary War to the Persian Gulf, Black Americans have forged a rich military heritage built on the strength of their convictions and the wealth of their abilities.

I believe it is vital for all Americans to acknowledge and pay tribute to the patriotism, commitment, and contributions of the Department's Black military and civilian members. Black Americans in Defense of Our Nation documents the extent and diversity of their contributions -- from which we have all benefited -- and fulfills an important objective of our Human Goals Charter.

Dick Cheney


LT. HENRY O. FLIPPER, US Army, first black to graduate from West Point - 1877
GEN. COLIN L. POWELL, US Army, first black to become Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
BRIG. GEN. BENJAMIN O. DAVIS, SR., first black General in the Regular Army
READ ADM. SAMUEL L. GRAVELY, first black to reach Admiral status in the US Navy
GOLDEN THIRTEEN, the first blacks commissioned as officers in the US NAVY
LT. GEN BENJAMIN O. DAVIS, JR., first black to become General in the US Air Force
HON. CLIFFORD ALEXANDER, JR., first black Secretary of the Army
LT. GEN. FRANK E. PETERSEN, JR., first black to attain the rank of General in the US Marine Corps
BRIG. GEN. HAZEL WINIFRED JOHNSON, first black female to attain the rank of General in the US Army
GEN. DANIEL "CHAPPIE" JAMES, USAF, first black to reach 4-Star status in the military.
GEN. ROSCOE ROBINSON, JR., first black to reach 4-Star status in the US Army
CAPT. CHARLES HALL, US Air Corps, the first back American to shoot down an enemy plane
CAPT. ROSCOE BROWN, first American pilot to shoot down a German jet
BRIG. GEN MATTHEW A. ZIMMERMAN, first black Chaplain to attain the rank of General
BRIG. GEN. MARCELITE JORDEN-HARRIS, first black female to attain the rank of General in the US Air Force
MAJ. GEN. J. GARY COOPER, US Marine Corps, first black officer to lead Marines into battle in Vietnam
DR. MAE C. JEMISON, first black female astronaut

Honor Your Ancestors: REGISTER AND VOTE!
American Indians were the last group to be permitted the right to vote in the United States of America. African-Americans got their voting rights in 1870 and women in 1920, but it wasn't until the 1960's that the original people of this land won a voice in what goes on here. (We were officially accepted as US citizens in 1924, by the way, and have a higher percentage of men and women in military service than any other ethnic group in the country. I am myself a Vietnam veteran. So anyone who believes American Indians aren't 'real' Americans, might as well leave this page now. I delete email of this nature without reading it.)

We have had a long wait and a long struggle for representation in this political system. My ancestors didn't have the opportunity to vote against Andrew Jackson, who ordered his troops to evict them from their homes at gunpoint and force-march them to Oklahoma (despite the Supreme Court declaring it unconstitutional). My father and mother didn't even have the opportunity to vote for a governor who wouldn't take their children out of their house against their will and ship them to off to faraway boarding schools to be violently 'civilized.'

Well, we have the opportunity to vote now--but dishearteningly few of us use it. Until we stand up to be counted, American politicians will continue to ignore us and our wishes, and this time, there is nobody to blame but ourselves. Our ancestors fought and suffered and died because they didn't have the option of influencing the United States government. And regardless of whether we may be full-bloods, mixed-bloods, or mostly-white descendants of an Indian great-grandmother, we owe it to them to use this right they have bought with their blood and tears.

Be a warrior. Vote.

Jack C. Montgomery
Rank and organization: First Lieutenant, U.S. Army, 45th Infantry Division. Place and Date: Near Padiglione, Italy, 22 February 1944.

Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty on 22 February 1944, near Padiglione, Italy. Two hours before daybreak a strong force of enemy infantry established themselves in 3 echelons at 50 yards, 100 yards, and 300 yards respectively, in front of the rifle platoons commanded by 1st Lt. Montgomery. The closest position, consisting of 4 machineguns and 1 mortar, threatened the immediate security of the platoon position. Seizing an M1 rifle and several hand grenades, 1st Lt. Montgomery crawled up a ditch to within hand grenade range of the enemy. Then climbing boldly onto a little mound, he fired his rifle and threw his grenades so accurately that he killed 8 of the enemy and captured the remaining 4. Returning to his platoon, he called for artillery fire on a house, in and around which he suspected that the majority of the enemy had entrenched themselves. Arming himself with a carbine, he proceeded along the shallow ditch, as withering fire from the riflemen and machine gunners in the second position was concentrated on him. He attacked this position with such fury that 7 of the enemy surrendered to him, and both machineguns were silenced. Three German dead were found in the vicinity later that morning. 1st Lt. Montgomery continued boldly toward the house, 300 yards from his platoon position. It was now daylight, and the enemy observation was excellent across the flat open terrain which led to 1st Lt. Montgomery’s objective. When the artillery barrage had lifted, 1st Lt. Montgomery ran fearlessly toward the strongly defended position. As the enemy started streaming out of the house, 1st Lt. Montgomery unafraid of treacherous snipers, expose himself daringly to assemble the surrendering enemy and send them to the rear. His fearless, aggressive, and intrepid actions that morning, accounted for a total of 11 enemy dead, 32 prisoners, and an unknown number of wounded. That night, while aiding an adjacent unit to repulse a counterattack, he was struck by mortar fragments, and seriously wounded. The selflessness and courage exhibited by 1st Lt. Montgomery in alone attacking 3 strong enemy positions inspired his men to a degree beyond estimation.

Van T. Barfoot
Rank and organization: Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army, 157th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division. Place and date: Near Carano, Italy, 23 May 1944.

Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty on 23 May 1944, near Carano, Italy. With his platoon heavily engaged during an assault against forces well entrenched on commanding ground, 2d Lt. Barfoot (then Tech. Sgt.) moved off alone upon the enemy left flank. He crawled to the proximity of 1 machinegun nest and made a direct hit on it with a hand grenade, killing 2 and wounding 3 Germans. He continued along the German defense line to another machinegun emplacement, and with his tommy gun killed 2 and captured 3 soldiers. Members of another enemy machinegun crew then abandoned their position and gave themselves up to Sgt. Barfoot. Leaving the prisoners for his support squad to pick up, he proceeded to mop up positions in the immediate area, capturing more prisoners and bringing his total count to 17. Later that day, after he had reorganized his men and consolidated the newly captured ground, the enemy launched a fierce armored counterattack directly at his platoon positions. Securing a bazooka, Sgt. Barfoot took up an exposed position directly in front of 3 advancing Mark VI tanks. From a distance of 75 yards his first shot destroyed the track of the leading tank, effectively disabling it, while the other 2 changed direction toward the flank. As the crew of the disabled tank dismounted, Sgt. Barfoot killed 3 of them with his tommy gun. He continued onward into enemy terrain and destroyed a recently abandoned German fieldpiece with a demolition charge placed in the breech. While returning to his platoon position, Sgt. Barfoot, though greatly fatigued by his Herculean efforts, assisted 2 of his seriously wounded men 1,700 yards to a position of safety. Sgt. Barfoot’s extraordinary heroism, demonstration of magnificent valor, and aggressive determination in the face of pointblank fire are a perpetual inspiration to his fellow soldiers.

Ernest Childers
Rank and Organization: Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army, 180th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division. Place and Date: Oliveto, Italy, 22 September 1943.

Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty in action on 22 September 1943, at Oliveto, Italy. Although 2d Lt. Childers previously had just suffered a fractured instep he, with 8 enlisted men, advanced up a hill toward enemy machinegun nests. The group advanced to a rock wall overlooking a cornfield and 2d Lt. Childers ordered a base of fire laid across the filed so that he could advance. When he was fired upon by 2 enemy snipers from a nearby house he killed both of them. He moved behind the machine gun nests and killed all occupants of the nearer one. He continued toward the second one and threw rocks into it. When the 2 occupants of the nest raised up, he shot 1. The other was killed by 1 of the 8 enlisted men, 2d Lt. Childers continued his advance toward a house farther up the hill, and single handed, captured an enemy mortar observer. The exceptional leadership, initiative, calmness under fire, and conspicuous gallantry displayed by 2d Lt. Childers were an inspiration to his men.

Almond E. Fisher
Rank and organization: Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army, Company E, 157th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division. Place and date: Near Grammont, France, 12-13 September 1944.

Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty on the night of 12-13 September 1944, near Grammont, France. In the darkness of early morning, 2nd Lt. Fisher was leading a platoon of Company E, 157th Infantry, in a single column to the attack of a strongly defended hill position. At 2:30 A.M., the forward elements were brought under enemy machinegun fire from a distance not more than 20 yards. Working his way alone to within 20 feet of the gun emplacement, he opened fire with his carbine and killed the entire gun crew. A few minutes after the advance was resumed, heavy machinegun fire was encountered from the left flank. Again crawling forward alone under withering fire, he blasted the gun and crew from their positions with hand grenades. After a halt to replenish ammunition, the advance was again resumed and continued for 1 hour before being stopped by intense machinegun and rifle fire. Through the courageous and skillful leadership of 2nd Lt. Fisher, the pocket of determined enemy resistance was rapidly obliterated. Spotting an emplaced machine pistol a short time later, with 1 of his men he moved forward and destroyed the position. As the advance continued the fire fight became more intense. When a bypassed German climbed from his foxhole and attempted to tear an M1 rifle from the hand of 1 of his men, 2d Lt. Fisher whirled and killed the enemy with a burst from his carbine. About 30 minutes later the platoon came under the heavy fire of machineguns from across an open filed. 2d Lt. Fisher, disregarding the terrific fire, moved across the field with no cover or concealment to within range, knocked the gun from the position and killed or wounded the crew. Still under heavy fire he returned to his platoon and continued the advance. Once again heavy fire was encountered from a machinegun directly in front. Calling for hand grenades, he found only 2 remaining in the entire platoon. Pulling the pins and carrying a grenade in each hand, he crawled toward the gun emplacement, moving across areas devoid of cover and under intense fire to within 15 yards when he threw the grenades, demolished the gun and killed the gun crew. With ammunition low and daybreak near, he ordered his men to dig in and hold the ground already won. Under constant fire from the front and from both flanks, he moved among them directing the preparations for the defense. Shortly after the ammunition supply was replenished, the Germans launched a last determined effort against the depleted group. Attacked by superior numbers from the front, right, and left flank, and even from the rear, the platoon, in bitter hand-to-hand engagements drove back the enemy at every point. Wounded in both feet by close-range machine pistol fire early in the battle, 2d Lt. Fisher refused medical attention. Unable to walk, he crawled from man to man encouraging them and checking each position. Only after the fighting had subsided did 2d Lt. Fisher crawl 300 yards to the aid station from which he was evacuated. His extraordinary heroism, magnificent valor, and aggressive determination in the face of pointblank enemy fire is an inspiration to his organization and reflects the finest traditions of the U.S. Armed Forces.

William J. Johnston
Rank and organization: Private First Class, U.S. Army, Company G, 180th Infantry, 45th Infantry Division. Place and date: Near Padiglione, Italy, 17-19 February 1944.

Citation:For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty in action against the enemy. On 17 February 1944, near Padigilone, Italy, he observed and fired upon an attacking force of approximately 80 Germans, causing at least 25 casualties and forcing withdrawal of the remainder. All that day he manned his gun without relief, subject to mortar, artillery, and sniper fire. Two Germans individually worked so close to his position that his machinegun was ineffective, whereupon he killed 1 with his pistol, the second with a rifle taken from another solider. When a rifleman protecting his gun position was killed by a sniper, he immediately moved the body and relocated the machinegun in that spot in order to obtain a better field of fire. He volunteered to cover the platoon’s withdrawal and was the last man to leave that night. In his new position he maintained an all night vigil, the next day causing 7 German casualties. On the afternoon of the 18th, the organization on the left flank having been forced to withdraw, he again covered the withdrawal of his own organization. Shortly thereafter, he was seriously wounded over the heart, and a passing soldier saw him trying to crawl up the embankment. The soldier aided him to resume his position behind the machine gun which was soon heard in action for about 10 minutes. Though reported killed, PFC Johnston was seen returning to the American lines on the morning of 19 February slowly and painfully working his way back from his overrun position through enemy lines. He gave valuable information of new enemy dispositions. His heroic determination to destroy the enemy and disregard of his own safety aided immeasurably in halting a strong enemy attack, caused in enormous amount of enemy casualties, and so inspired his fellow soldiers that they fought for and held a vitally important position against greatly superior forces.

James D. Slaton
Rank and organization: Corporal, U.S. Army, 157 Infantry, 45th Infantry Division. Place and date: Near Oliveto, Italy.

Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty in action with the enemy in the vicinity of Oliveto, Italy, on 23 September 1943. Cpl. Slaton was lead scout of an infantry squad which had been committed to a flank to knock out enemy resistance which had succeeded in pinning 2 attacking platoons to the ground. Working ahead of his squad, Cpl Slaton crept upon an enemy machinegun nest and, assaulting it with his bayonet, succeeded in killing the gunner. When his bayonet stuck, he detached it from the rifle and killed another gunner with rifle fire. At that time he was fired upon by a machine gun to his immediate left. Cpl. Slaton then moved over open ground under constant fire to within throwing distance, and on his second try scored a direct his on the second enemy machinegun nest, killing 2 enemy gunners. At that time a third machinegun fired on him100 yards to his front, and Cpl. Slaton killed both of these enemy gunners with rifle fire. As a result of Cpl. Slaton’s heroic action in immobilizing 3 enemy machinegun nests with bayonet, grenade, and rifle fire, the 2 rifle platoons which were receiving heavy casualties from enemy fire were enabled to withdraw to covered positions and again take the initiative. Cpl. Slaton withdrew under mortar fire on order of his platoon leader at dusk that evening. The heroic action of Cpl. Slaton were far above the call of duty and are worthy of emulation.

Jack Treadwell
Rank and organization: Captain, U.S. Army, Company F., 180th Infantry, 45th Infantry Division. Place and date: Near Nieder-Wurzbach, Germany, 18 March 1945.

Citation: Capt. Treadwell (then 1st Lt.), commanding officer of Company F, near Nieder-Wurzbach, Germany, in the Siegfried line, single-handedly captured 6 pillboxes and 18 prisoners. Murderous enemy automatic and rifle fire with intermittent artillery bombardments had pinned down his company for hours at the base of a hill defended by concrete fortifications and interlocking trenches. Eight men sent to attack a single point had all become casualties on the bear slope when Capt Treadwell, armed with a machinegun and hand grenades, went forward alone to clear the way for his stalled company. Over the terrain devoid of cover and swept by bullets, he fearlessly advanced, firing at the aperture of the nearest pillbox, and when within range, hurling grenades at it. He reached the pillbox, thrust the muzzle of his gun through the port, and drove 4 Germans out with their hands in the air. A fifth was found dead inside. Waving these prisoners back to the American line, he continued under terrible, concentrated fire to the next pillbox, and took it in the same manner. In this fort he captured the commander of the hill defenses, whom he sent to the rear with the other prisoners. Never slacking his attack, he then ran across the crest of the hill to a third pillbox, traversing this distance in full view of hostile machine gunners and snipers. He was again successful in taking the enemy position. The Germans quickly fell prey to his further rushes on 3 more pillboxes in the confusion and havoc caused by his whirlwind assaults and capture of their commander. Inspired by electrifying performance of their leader, the men of Company F stormed after him and overwhelmed resistance on the entire hill, driving a wedge into the Siegfried line and making it possible for their battalion to take its objective. By his courageous willingness to face nearly impossible odds and by his overwhelming one-man offensive, Capt. Treadwell reduced a heavily fortified, seemingly impregnable enemy sector.

Edward G. Wilkin
Rank and organization: Corporal, U.S. Army, Company C 157th Infantry, 45th Infantry Division, Place and date: Siegfried Line in German, 18 March 1945.

Citation: He spearheaded his unit’s assault of the Siegfried line in Germany. Heavy fire from enemy riflemen and camouflaged pillboxes had pinned down his comrades when he moved forward on his own initiative to reconnoiter a route of advance. He cleared the way into an area studded with pillboxes, where he repeatedly stood up and walked into vicious enemy fire, storming 1 fortification after another with automatic rifle fire and grenades, killing enemy troops, taking prisoners as the enemy defense became confused, and encouraging his comrades by his heroic example. When halted by heavy barbed wire entanglements, he secured bangalore torpedoes and blasted a path toward still more pillboxes, all the time braving bursting grenades and mortar shells and direct rifle and automatic-weapons fire. He engaged in fierce fire fight, standing in the open while his adversaries fought from the protection of concrete emplacements, and on 1 occasion pursued enemy soldiers across an open field and through interlocking trenches, disregarding the crossfire from 2 pillboxes until he had penetrated the formidable line 200 yards in advance of any American element. That night, although terribly fatigued, he refused to rest and insisted on distributing rations and supplies to his comrades. Hearing that a nearby company was suffering heavy casualties, he secured permission to guide litter bearers and assist them in evacuating the wounded. All that night he remained in the battle area on his mercy missions, and for the following 2 days he continued to remove casualties, venturing into enemy-held territory, scorning cover and braving devastating mortar and artillery bombardments. In 3 days he neutralized and captured 6 pillboxes single-handedly, killed at least 9 Germans, wounded 13 took 13 prisoners, aided in the capture of 14 others, and saved many American lives by his fearless performance as a litter bearer. Through his superb fighting skill, dauntless courage, and gallant, inspiring actions, Cpl Wilkin contributed in large measure to his company’s success in cracking the Siegfried Line. One month later he was killed in action while fighting deep in Germany.

31 October 2010
Hispanic Warriors
By David Adams
Military service provides opportunity for growing numbers of Latino soldiers—and a safe haven from discrimination. But top rank recognition is still lacking

Sandra Gonzalez was in her senior year of high school when her father delivered the news.

“He told me, ‘Honey, I love you, and I’d love you to have a college education, but I can’t afford it.’” The oldest of three children of struggling Mexican immigrant parents, Gonzalez did what many young Hispanics do and went down to her local military recruiting office to sign up.

“My dad had always wanted to be a soldier, and I took it to heart,” she says. It was an opportunity her father never had after entering the country illegally at age 17.

Gonzalez is a United States Marine Chief Warrant Officer at Camp Pendleton outside San Diego, and the military is her life. Her husband, 1st Sergeant Edward Gonzalez, 36, is also one of “the few and the proud,” currently on his fifth deployment in Afghanistan with an elite Special Forces battalion of Marines tasked with some of the most dangerous combat operations. Like many of the thousands of Hispanics who serve in the U.S. military, Gonzalez says it has given her the kind of opportunities in life she could not have found elsewhere. And, as an ugly immigration debate swirls, Gonzalez says life in military uniform provides a safe haven from the kind of racial discrimination Hispanics often face in daily civilian life.

“There is no tolerance [in the military] for that kind of behavior,” she says. “I may be the small little Mexican, but if you have heart and want to see your way through it, you can do it. In the military, hard work does pay off. That’s what they teach you.”

Gonzalez says she still encounters discrimination in civilian life. She was at Costco in August ordering some pictures and waiting patiently for her turn when the cashier, a Caucasian male in his early 20s, chose to ignore her in favor of another light-skinned male customer.

“I was trying to make eye contact with him (the cashier) for several minutes and then up comes up this other person right behind me and he is quick to assist him,” she recalls. “What am I? A ghost?”

Gonzalez attributes the success of racial integration in the military to basic training. “In my recruitment class we had people from all walks of life,” she says, from those born overseas to L.A. gang members and the homeless. “Ultimately they are there to work as a team. Race is not an issue, and everyone is held to the same standards,” she says. Training wasn’t easy for Gonzalez, weighing only 130 pounds and standing 5 feet 2 inches tall. Like everyone else, she had to complete a 15-mile hike carrying an 85-pound pack.

Although the number of Latinos serving in today’s armed forces falls slightly below the Hispanic share of the population, the U.S. military is widely recognized as among one of the best equal-opportunity employers.

“We lead the way on giving people opportunities. All they are concerned about is can you do your job,” says Lawrence Korb, a former Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Reagan administration who is now a senior fellow at the Council for American Progress, a Washington, D.C. think tank.

The military worked hard to end racial segregation in the ranks after the end of World War II, Korb says. “They did such a good job with African Americans that not only did they come in, they stayed in longer because the opportunity for advancement was greater than in other parts of society.” Thanks to those gains in opportunity, military recruitment of Latinos has seen a steady rise in recent years. “The military loves them. These guys are great warriors,” says Korb.
Military service continues to offer benefits to low income families who cannot afford college. Under the “G.I. Bill,” a three-year enlistment earns the right to a free state university education. The ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) also offers college scholarships for those seeking military commissions.

Even so, Hispanic recruitment to the military lags behind that of white non-Hispanics and African Americans. Hispanics make up 17 percent of the general population ages 18-40, but only 11.4 percent of the Army, according to a report by the Rand National Research Institute. (Whites make up 62.3 percent and blacks 20 percent.) The report attributed this to poor Hispanic high school graduation rates, as well as low scores in the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) and problems meeting weight standards. Only 36 percent of Hispanic high school graduates score in the preferred range in the AFQT, compared with 68 percent of whites, it found.

Hispanic Valor
Bravery has never been an issue. Since World War II Hispanics have won numerous Medals of Honor, the top military award for valor, although none since 1970. During the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq the military has come under fire for giving out few medals. In fact, only six Medals of Honor have been awarded since 2001.

Hispanic groups complained bitterly after Mexican-born Sergeant Rafael Peralta, 25, was nominated in 2005 by the Marine Corps for the Medal of Honor, only to be turned down by the Pentagon. Family and friends questioned whether his ethnicity played a role. Peralta and his family moved to San Diego from Tijuana when he was a teenager. He joined the Marines the day after he got his green card and earned his citizenship while in uniform.

Peralta died November 15, 2004 in Iraq during the fierce battle for Fallujah after his unit entered a house and he was hit by gunfire. As he was lying on the ground, survivors from his unit say a grenade landed near him. In what his family and friends say was a heroic act, Peralta rolled on top of the grenade and absorbed the blast, saving others from fatal injury. President Bush praised Peralta’s valor in a speech, but after an investigation, a special panel appointed by Defense Secretary Robert Gates concluded that it was not clear if Peralta’s action was intentional. Medical evidence indicated he had suffered a fatal shot to the head prior to the hand-grenade being thrown.

Lt. Col. Thomas Richards, 63, director of membership of the Legion of Valor, a veteran group representing military medal awardees, thinks Peralta deserved the higher medal. But he doesn’t buy into allegations of anti-Hispanic bias. The convening of a special panel went “above and beyond” the normal handling of Medal of Honor cases, Richards says. “Overall, the number [of Hispanics] is very high. They are certainly not being discriminated against over time,” he adds.

The recently released documentary movie, Restrepo, pays tribute to the Hispanic valor of a South Florida soldier, 20-year-old army medic Juan Restrepo, who died in Afghanistan July 22, 2007, when his platoon outpost in a dangerous Taliban-infested valley came under attack.

Restrepo was much admired by his fellow soldiers, says prize-winning author and director Sebastian Junger. “He was brave under fire and absolutely committed to the men,” he wrote. “If you got sick he’d take your guard shift… If you were depressed he’d come to your hooch and play guitar. He took care of his men in every possible way.”

...In 2009 Hispanics made up 15.8% of new military enlistments, including 22.5% in the Navy, 16.5% in the Marine Corps and 15.9% in the Air Force. A 2007 poll of American youths ages 18-24 by the Pentagon found that 12.6% of Hispanic respondents stated they would likely join the military, compared to 10.1% of African American respondents and 6.6% of white non-Hispanic respondents.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vote for Linda McMahon

Connecticut business climate among nation's worst
By Greg Bordonaro

A new report says Connecticut ranks among the five states with the worst tax climates for business.

The report issued Tuesday by the nonprofit Tax Foundation in Washington, D.C., said Connecticut managed a "remarkable drop"-from 38th in last year's index to 47th in this year's-mostly by creating a new "millionaire's bracket" on the individual income tax.

Obama faithful still looking to the government for help at the free Bridgeport Democrate Blumenthal Rally on October 30_even when 170,106 people are unemployed in the State.

Income over $500,000 dollars will now be taxed at 6.5 percent in Connecticut, a significant increase over the previous top rate of 5 percent, the report said. That tax hike was part of a budget plan passed by the state legislature in 2009, that Gov. M. Jodi Rell refused to sign. Since Rell didn't veto the budget plan, however, it went into law automatically.

It's the worst ranking Connecticut has received in at least the last five years. Only New Jersey, California, and New York, have worse business tax climates than the Nutmeg state, the report said.

The report has been published less than a week before the Nov. 2 midterm elections, in which candidates have made Connecticut's tax burden a hot button issue.

"Connecticut is ranked 47th, which means that our small businesses could move to almost any other state in the country and find a better business climate," said National Federation of Independent Business of Connecticut Director Andy Markowski. "We've been on the losing end of the competition between the states to attract businesses and unless we change direction that trend is going to accelerate."

In its report the Foundation makes clear that labor and capital migrate to the most competitive environments, and that states with high taxes and costly regulations are likely to lose businesses and workers, Markowski said.

Markowski, whose organization represents thousands of small businesses in the state, urged lawmakers to focus in the next session on cutting regulatory red tape, speeding up the permitting process and, most importantly, reducing taxes on small businesses.
Bridgeport Unemployment Rate
Bridgeport has an unemployment rate of 9.9%, compared the national average of 6.9%.,+CT

Vote for Linda McMahon
In Case You Missed It: The New York Post Endorses Linda
Oct 8, 2010
Apart From His Vietnam Lies, Though, Blumenthal, If Elected, Would Be Another Vote For The Economically Catastrophic Democratic Explosion Of Big Government That Has Led To A Current-Year Deficit Of $1.3 Trillion – And Unemployment Holding Steady At Nearly 10 Percent.”

McMahon for US Senate
New York Post - Editorial- Friday, October 8, 2010

The Post today endorses Republican Linda McMahon for the US Senate in Connecticut.

If she wins – and polls suggest she is closing in fast on her Democratic opponent – this would be a major pick-up for the GOP, which hasn’t won a Senate race in the Nutmeg State since 1982.

By all rights, McMahon would seem to be the ideal political neophyte seeking office: Well-spoken, intelligent and CEO of one of the state’s largest and most successful businesses, which has brought 600 jobs to Connecticut.

She is running on a ticket of fiscal conservatism, combined with socially moderate positions. While not a Tea Party candidate per se, she clearly has tapped into the voter anger and frustration that has fueled the movement.

Her opponent, Richard Blumenthal, is a career politician and conventional liberal Democrat who’s spent 20-plus years as state attorney general.

He’s also a proven liar – having been caught repeatedly claiming to have served in Vietnam, when the closest he ever got to the war is New Haven.

Worse still, it took him days to apologize – and then only in an e-mail statement in which he regretted “offending anyone.”

Little wonder that McMahon’s suggestion – “If he’s lying about Vietnam, what else is he lying about?” – has helped erase what just months ago was a 40-point Blumenthal lead.

Apart from his Vietnam lies, though, Blumenthal, if elected, would be another vote for the economically catastrophic Democratic explosion of big government that has led to a current-year deficit of $1.3 trillion – and unemployment holding steady at nearly 10 percent.

Linda McMahon promises to help restore fiscal sanity to Washington. She deserves the support of Connecticut’s voters on Election Day.

Unemployed_Home in Foreclosure_Thank Democrats spreading the wealth. It is ok to be Mad...You can fix it. Vote Republican

How are people supposed to take care of their families on month-to-month contract jobs - and why doesn't anyone seem to care?

Companies have hired more temps for four straight months. Yet they remain reluctant to make permanent hires because of doubts about the recovery's durability.

Even companies that are boosting production seem inclined to get by with their existing workers, plus temporary staff if necessary.

"I think temporary hiring is less useful a signal than it used to be," says John Silvia, chief economist at Wells Fargo. "Companies aren't testing the waters by turning to temporary firms. They just want part-time workers."

The reasons vary. But economists and business people say the main obstacle is that employers lack confidence that the economic rebound has staying power. Many fear their sales and the overall economy will remain weak or even falter as consumers spend cautiously.

Companies also worry about higher costs related to taxes or health care measures being weighed by Congress and statehouses. That's what Chris DeCapua, owner of employment firm Dawson Careers in Columbus, Ohio, is hearing from clients.

We have a real unemployment rate of 18%, when we include people who are working part-time and can’t find a full-time job, and people who have simply given up looking. And in some of our cities, unemployment is as high as 50%! Home and commercial property foreclosure rates are dangerously high, and they show no signs of going down. Some experts say this is our biggest concern. And small businesses, our biggest potential source for jobs, are struggling to survive. Our economy is ice cold, and it has the potential to get worse. People are suffering, and if things don’t change, there will be a significant long term toll on our citizens’ well being.

A decrease in taxes has the opposite effect on income, demand, and GDP. It will boost all three, which is why people cry out for a tax cut when the economy is sluggish. When the government decreases taxes, disposable income increases. That translates to higher demand (spending) and increased production (GDP). So, the fiscal policy prescription for a sluggish economy and high unemployment is lower taxes.

Read more: Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth: Government's Unique Situation —

Unemployment levels are primarily a function of how much money is being spent in our economy. If more goods and services are being purchased, more goods and services need to be produced, and more people are hired to produce and sell those goods and services. Taxes reduce people’s spending power. If you increase taxes by $3,000 on a family that makes $50,000 a year, it makes a big difference. It makes it harder for them to make their mortgage payment, or buy health insurance, or pay their child’s tuition. It reduces their spending.

What Can We Expect From Chris Coons

What Can We Expect From “Senator” Chris Coons
Oct 25th, 2010 by Frank Knotts

I have to wonder how many people have taken the time to stop and consider just what we could expect if Chris Coons were to be elected as the next senator from Delaware.

First let’s look at were Mr. Coons has been, so as to see where he might be headed.

As a member of and also as the County Executive of New Castle County Council, Chris Coons has been a tax and spend, big government party wonk.

He promised voters that he wouldn’t raise taxes and then did, by 48%. He supported tax increases on utilities, hotel stays, ambulance services and even 911 calls.

He increased wasteful spending by over 30%. And pissed away a $200 million surplus, putting New Castle County at risk of losing its AAA Bond rating and possibly bankruptcy.

So ! Now we know a little about the type of politician that Chris Coons is. Knowing this, we can make a fair guess at what type of U.S. Senator that he would be.

I believe that we can expect Chris Coons to toe the line for the Obama administration on some very radical agenda items. This is even more worrisome because this is a special election. That means that the winner will be seated immediately after the election. We know that Sen. Harry Reid and Speaker Pelosi are planning a lame duck session after the election.

I am sure that Sen. Reid, who described Chris Coons as his pet, would love to have Chris Coons in that lame duck session, instead of the Republican Christine O’Donnell.

What are some of the important issues that we can expect the Reid,Pelosi, Obama axis of leftism to try to push through congress ?

You can bet that cap-and-trade will be moved on. This would result in the highest tax increase on every citizen in the history of the nation. Chris Coons supports cap-and-trade.

The Bush tax cuts are set to expire unless congress does something to stop it. If these tax cuts expire they too will result in increased taxes. Again placing a burden on citizens during these tough economic times. Chris Coons is in favor of allowing the Bush Tax cuts to expire. And in so doing, he supports raising your taxes. Oh, he’ll tell you that he ahs changed his mind. And you can bet he’ll change it again if elected.

Amnesty for illegals is also likely to come up in the lame duck session. Chris Coons has spoken of his support for a “path to citizenship”, this is code speak for amnesty.

Chris Coons would support “card check”. This would eliminate the secret ballot when unionizing shops. This is a sop to the organized labor unions like the SEIU and LUNA who have dumped thousands of dollars into the Coons campaign fund.

Chris Coons would oppose the de-funding and repeal of Obama care. Doctors from around the state of Delaware have come out in support of Christine O’Donnell. Why? Because she has stated clearly that she would vote to de-fund and repeal Obama care. If Obama care is allowed to be implemented, it will not only raise the cost of health care, but it will lower the quality of our health care. Chris Coons has said on more than one occasion that he supports Obama care.

Let us not forget that one of the most important roles a senator plays within the Senate is the confirmation of Supreme Court Justices. So what type of Justice would appeal to “SENATOR” Chris Coons?

Well Chris Coons believes that separation of church and state exist within the First Amendment. He believes that a mere conversation about creationism, constitutes a state-run religion. Chris Coons also believes that the Constitution is just a suggestion about how to govern the nation. Chris Coons sees the Constitution as nothing more than a political tool to be molded and twisted to suit the political needs of those who would use it to hold their political power. One can only assume that Chris Coons sees the Constitution as a document of negative rights, the same as does Pres. Obama.

So we can assume that if this is who Chris Coons is, when it comes to constitutional issues, then this is the type of Justices he would seek to confirm.

At a time when states are challenging the federal government on issues of sovereignty over illegal immigration and Obama care, can we risk allowing a man such as Chris Coons to be any part of confirming Supreme Court Justices?

So now I come back to the original question. What can we expect from a “SENATOR” Chris Coons? We can expect just another tax and spend, big government Democrat. We can expect a senator that will cower before the Executive branch of the federal government. We can expect a senator that will be a pet to Harry Reid. We can expect a senator that has no respect for the Founding principles of this nation. And a senator that would gladly shred the Founding documents if it meant holding onto power.

Our nation is a t a cross-road. We must decide whether we will steer a path of freedom and individual Liberty. Or will we allow the Chris Coons of the world to destroy what has stood for so long? Will we vote for a future where our children and their children can grow up knowing that they will have the same opportunities that we had? Or will we allow the Chris Coons of the world to rob them of that which they were endowed by their Creator,life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This is what is at stake on November 2nd and no less. We the Delaware voters must make these choices. Will we vote for Chris Coons and all he stands for. Or will we elect Christine O’Donnell who believes in and who will fight to protect our God-given rights. A person who holds dear our Founding principles. For me the choice is an easy one. I will vote for Liberty, I will vote for Christine O’Donnell.

The “mainstream” media has had a loathing for Christine O’Donnell not seen since the Sarah Palin Demonization Campaign, so it is natural for them to attack her for pretty much any rational thing she says. When you add to the mix the fact that in making this statement O’Donnell had blasphemed against the MSM religion of secularism, these “journalists” had a reaction that reminded me of the Sanhedrin’s reaction to Stephen.

The fact remains that the evidence is conclusive that our founders did NOT want a government devoid of the moral foundation of Christianity.

Old U.S. House chamber, inside which church services were held for many decades
Almost all of the founders were sincere, Bible-believing Christians. One of the least religious among them, Benjamin Franklin, is to thank for the tradition of opening congress in prayer.

Also, if America was the secularist nation liberals dream of, their patron saint Thomas Jefferson never would have attended church services in the U.S. house chambers and commissioned the Marine Corps band to play worship music for services.

Consider also just a handful of the statements of our founders on this subject:

The great pillars of all government and of social life [are] virtue, morality, and religion. This is the armor, my friend, and this alone that renders us invincible. – Patrick Henry

Statesmen, my dear Sir, may plan and speculate for liberty, but it is Religion and Morality alone, which can establish the Principles upon which Freedom can securely stand. – John Adams

Religion is the only solid base of morals and that morals are the only possible support of free governments. Therefore education should teach the precepts of religion and the duties of man toward God. – Gouverneur Morris, signer of the Constitution

Human law must rest its authority ultimately upon the authority of that law which is divine …. Far from being rivals or enemies, religion and law are twin sisters, friends, and mutual assistants. Indeed, these two sciences run into each other. – James Wilson, signer of the Declaration, member of the Continental Congress, constructor of the Constitution, one of the original Supreme Court justices appointed by President George Washington.

It is Religion and Morality alone, which can establish the Principles upon which Freedom can securely stand….The only foundation of a free Constitution, is pure Virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our People, in a great Measure, than they have it now, They may change their Rulers, and the forms of Government, but they will not obtain a lasting Liberty. – John Adams

Whereas true religion and good morals are the only solid foundations of public liberty and happiness: Resolved, That it be, and it is hereby earnestly recommended to the several states, to take the most effectual measures for the encouragement thereof, and for the suppressing theatrical entertainments, horse racing, gaming, and such other diversions as are productive of idleness, dissipation, and a general depravity of principles and manners. – Journals of the American Congress: From 1774 to 1788

[T]he genuine source of correct republican principles is the Bible, particularly the New Testament or the Christian religion. . . . and to this we owe our free constitutions of government. – Noah Webster

I have always considered Christianity as the strong ground of republicanism. The spirit is opposed, not only to the splendor, but even to the very forms of monarchy, and many of its precepts have for their objects republican liberty and equality as well as simplicity, integrity, and economy in government. It is only necessary for republicanism to ally itself to the Christian religion to overturn all the corrupted political and religious institutions of the world. – Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence

It would be unbecoming the representatives of this nation to assemble for the first time in this solemn temple without looking up to the Supreme Ruler of the universe, and imploring his blessing…Here, and throughout our country, may simple manners, pure morals, and true religion flourish forever! – President John Adams, dedicating the U.S. Capitol Building, Nov. 22, 1800

Thomas Jefferson quote, on the wall of the Jefferson Memorial, Washington D.C.
If [the] empire of superstition and hypocrisy should be overthrown, happy indeed will it be for the world; but if all religion and all morality should be over-thrown with it, what advantage will be gained? The doctrine of human equality is founded entirely in the Christian doctrine that we all are children of the same Father, all accountable to Him for our conduct to one another, all equally bound to respect each other’s self love. – John Adams

Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers. – John Jay, First Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion…Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. – John Adams

Capstone of the Washington Monument facing east says Laus Deo (Praise be to God in Latin)
No government can flourish without religion. – Thomas Jefferson

Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Religion and Morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of Patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of Men and Citizens. – George Washington, Farewell Address

Religion should therefore be considered as the first of their [Americans] political institutions. From the start, politics and religion have agreed and have not since ceased to do so. – Alexis de Tocqueville / Democracy in America

In the United States religion exercises but little influence upon the laws and upon the details of public opinion, but it directs the manners of the community, and by regulating domestic life it regulates the State. – Alexis de Tocqueville / Democracy in America

The Americans combine the notions of Christianity and of liberty so intimately in their minds, that it is impossible to make them conceive the one without the other. – Alexis de Tocqueville / Democracy in America

Upon my arrival in the United States, the religious aspect of the country was the first thing that struck my attention; and the longer I stayed there the more did I perceive the great political consequences resulting from this state of things, to which I was unaccustomed. In France I had almost always seen the spirit of religion and the spirit of freedom pursuing courses diametrically opposed to each other; but in America I found that they were intimately united, and that they reigned in common over the same country. – Alexis de Tocqueville / Democracy in America

Protestant pilgrims are shown on the deck of the ship Speedwell before their departure for the New World from Delft Haven, Holland, on July 22, 1620. William Brewster, holding the Bible, and pastor John Robinson lead Governor Carver, William Bradford, Miles Standish, and their families in prayer. The prominence of women and children suggests the importance of the family in the community. At the left side of the painting is a rainbow, which symbolizes hope and divine protection. This painting, along with three others that illustrate America's Christian heritage, hang in the U.S. Capitol rotunda.

This is only a tiny sampling of the multitude of statements from our Founders which make clear their Christian beliefs and their intent for our nation to remain a religious people.

Consider also the statement of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1892 when asked to examine the question of whether the United States was a Christian nation. This is what the court found:

“It is also said, and truly, that the Christian religion is a part of the common law of Pennsylvania.”

If we pass beyond these matters to a view of American life, as expressed by its laws, its business, its customs, and its society, we find every where a clear recognition of the same truth. Among other matters, note the following: the form of oath universally prevailing, concluding with an appeal to the Almighty; the custom of opening sessions of all deliberative bodies and most conventions with prayer; the prefatory words of all wills, “In the name of God, amen;” the laws respecting the observance of the Sabbath, with the general cessation of all secular business, and the closing of courts, legislatures, and other similar public assemblies on that day; the churches and church organizations which abound in every city, town, and hamlet; the multitude of charitable organizations existing every where under Christian auspices; the gigantic missionary associations, with general support, and aiming to establish Christian missions in every quarter of the globe. These, and many other matters which might be noticed, add a volume of unofficial declarations to the mass of organic utterances that this is a Christian nation.

Clearly while America was never intended to be a theocracy, having an official state church or religion, our nation was founded by Christians on Christian principles with the hope that the American people would ever remain true to their Christian heritage.

Incidentally, while the “mainstream” media has been busy with this fresh round of smearing against O’Donnell, nearly lost in the discussion is O’Donnell’s opponent Chris Coons’ actual and demonstrated ignorance of the First Amendment.

From Michelle Malkin, quoting the Politico:

O’Donnell was later able to score some points of her own off the remark, revisiting the issue to ask Coons if he could identify the “five freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment.”

Coons named the separation of church and state, but could not identify the others — the freedoms of speech, press, to assemble and petition — and asked that O’Donnell allow the moderators ask the questions.

“I guess he can’t,” O’Donnell said.

Actually, I should (again) point out that the freedom of “separation of church and state” is not found in the First Amendment; the free exercise of religion, however, is.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Coons doesn’t even have liberal obfuscation to fall back on here. The U.S. Constitution clearly does not mention “separation of church and state” (look all day; you will not find that statement in the Constitution); absolutely no one contests either the actual words or the meaning of the freedoms of speech, press, assembly or petition.

It is amazingly clear which of these two candidates is least qualified to represent the people of Delaware (and ultimately the people of the United States). Hint: it isn’t Christine O’Donnell who’s least qualified.

So while the liberals are yuking it up in their little laugh-riot, I don’t think they’re bright enough to realize that the laugh is on them. Some of them might actually believe their own secularist propaganda, but most of the American people aren’t nearly as stupid as liberal elitists think they are.

Christine O’Donnell comes out…the smart chick of the day!

Separation of Church and State
Thomas Jefferson and the First Amendment
Who was Thomas Jefferson - what did he believe?

Many Americans think that the First Amendment says "Separation of Church and State." The Courts and the media will often refer to a ruling as being in violation of the "Separation of Church and State." A recent national poll showed that 69% of Americans believe that the First Amendment says "Separation of Church and State." You may be surprised to learn that these words do not appear in the First Amendment or anywhere else in the Constitution!1 Here is what the First Amendment actually does say.

The First Amendment :
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

So where did the words "Separation of Church and State." come from? They can be traced back to a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote back in 1802. In October 1801, the Danbury Baptist Association of Connecticut wrote to President Jefferson, and in their letter they voiced some concerns about Religious Freedom. On January 1, 1802 Jefferson wrote a letter to them in which he added the phrase "Separation of Church and State." When you read the full letter, you will understand that Jefferson was simply underscoring the First Amendment as a guardian of the peoples religious freedom from government interference. Here is an excerpt from Jefferson's letter. . .

"I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, prohibiting the free exercise thereof,' thus building a wall of separation between church and State." Read the full text of Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptist Association ..

Jefferson simply quotes the First Amendment then uses a metaphor, the "wall", to separate the government from interfering with religious practice. Notice that the First Amendment puts Restrictions only on the Government, not the People! The Warren Court re-interpreted the First Amendment thus putting the restrictions on the People! Today the government can stop you from Praying in school, reading the Bible in school, showing the Ten Commandments in school, or have religious displays at Christmas. This is quite different from the wall Jefferson envisioned, protecting the people from government interference with Religious practice.

When Thomas Jefferson wrote his letter to the Danbury Baptist Association he never intended the words "Separation of Church and State" to be taken out of context and used as a substitute for the First Amendment, but for all practical purposes is what the courts have done.

If actions speak stronger then words, it is interesting to note that 3 days after Jefferson wrote those words, he attended church in the largest congregation in North America at the time. This church held its weekly worship services on government property, in the House Chambers of the U.S. Capital Building. The wall of separation applies everywhere in the country even on government property , without government interference. This is how it is written in the Constitution, this is how Thomas Jefferson understood it from his letter and actions, and this is how the men who wrote the Constitution practiced it.

"The metaphor of a wall of separation is bad history and worse law. It has made a positive chaos out of court rulings. It should be explicitly abandoned."Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, William Rehnquist

Also notice that there are two parts to the First Amendment that refer to religion: the establishment clause2 and the free exercise clause3. Today much is said about the establishment clause but there is very little mention of the free exercise clause.

While the words "Separation of Church and State" do not appear in the U.S.A. Constitution, they do appear in the constitution of the former U.S.S.R. Communist State.

O'Donnell interrupted: O'DONNELL: "So you're telling me . . . that the phrase 'separation of church and state' is found in the First Amendment?"

Coons didn't take the bait and went on, citing the Supreme Court's interpretation of the First Amendment as confirmation of the First Amendment's intention. The debate soon after returned to the subject:

O'DONNELL: "Let me just clarify, you're telling me that the separation of church and state is found in the First Amendment?"

COONS: "'Government shall make no establishment of religion'"

O'DONNELL: "That's in the First Amendment"

Amendment I: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

This point --that the First Amendment does not call for the separation of church and state --is a favorite among some conservative religious activists who say that proponents of secularism have gone too far in removing religion from the public square.

Vote for Christine O’Donnell - Let's Change Washington

Why Delaware needs to vote Christine O'Donnell over Chris Coons.

1. She understands the threat to national sovereignty and he does not.

2. She will be that objection to unanimous consent when they come up and he will not.

3. Sure she is right from a conservative perspective on a hundred issues, but there is one reason that should unite all patriots, America’s right to control her own destiny.

4. So, even if you do not care about jobs, life, the economy, and a host of other issues, that is what is at stake. Christine spent a dozen years in and around D. C. being educated on these issues. They are why she ran for Senate... Vote for Christine O’Donnell.

Dems: The Dirty Tricks Aren’t Working, Let’s Get Ready for 2012
Enemies Foreign and Domestic
The Political Assassination of Christine O’Donnell
By kingsjester

Why all the attacks on Christine O’Donnell? ...She has been under an egregious political attack, not seen since, dare I say it, Sarah Palin.

...Yesterday, in the latest attack against her, Gawker published some sleazebag’s story about the time three years ago on Halloween (when Christine O’Donnell dressed up in a costume) Come on... it was Halloween and who hasn't dressed up for a party) , the would-be Senator from Delaware, and published it anonymously after paying the guy off. (A woman trusts a real man to be a Gentlemen who does not kiss and tell) We all now know what a slug Dustin Dominiak is...The funny thing is, all they did was smooch a little bit. Big whoop.

Brad Kurisko, 28, a district executive with a Boy Scouts council in the Philadelphia area, had his uniform borrowed by Dustin Dominiak, (no, not Dustin ”Screech” Diamond) who was wearing it as a Halloween Costume in a bar. Gawker put a black bar over the name tag on the uniform, so that the jerk could not be traced.

Shortly after his last phone conversation with a reporter from, a single name disappeared from Kurisko’s list of Facebook friends.

The man with whom electronic ties were abruptly cut is Dustin Dominiak, a 28-year-old buddy who attended Albion College with Kurisko. Records show that Dominiak has previously shared a Philadelphia address with Kurisko. One online posting reports that Dominiak, a Michigan native, has worked as an auditor at the Federal Reserve in Philadelphia.

Soon after Dominiak’s name vanished from Kurisko’s list of friends, Dominiak’s entire Facebook page (which listed 356 friends) was suddenly deactivated. Can you say running scared?

This incident is so sleazy, even the National Association of Gals (or, as Rush Limbaugh refers to them, the NAGS) had to, reluctantly, come out against it. Spokesperson Mai Shiozaki said:

NOW/PAC has proudly endorsed women’s rights champion Chris Coons, O’Donnell’s opponent in the Delaware Senate race, and finds O’Donnell’s political positions dangerous for women. That does not mean it’s acceptable to use slut-shaming against her, or any woman.

NOW has repeatedly called out misogyny against women candidates, and this election season is no different. Let me be honest: I look forward to seeing Christine O’Donnell defeated at the polls, but this kind of sexist attack is an affront to all women, and I won’t stand for it.

Translation: Although we hate the (Joy Behar’s new favorite word), we have to speak out about this or lose what little support we have left.

The other hot news item about O’Donnell that came out yesterday, was a poll issued by Fairleigh Dickerson University in Delaware. It presented the surprising conclusion that Coons is leading O’Donnell by 21 points, 57-36.

That’s kind of strange, because the usually accurate guys at, posted the following on 10/26: Yesterday, a poll went around showing Christine O’Donnell just five points behind Commie Coons in Delaware’s Senate race. This SORT OF explains the weird amount of time the White House has been spending in a slam dunk blue state.

But, Democrats are ferociously attacking CoD as hard as they attacked Scott Brown in Massachusetts. If she is so far behind, what is the point in beating up on this woman?

This is anecdotal, but I think I know why they are doing this…just like with [Scott Brown] there are internals showing O’Donnell ahead.

Today I talked to a friend from Team Hillary who is a big Dem fundraiser. He told me that for the last week or so the DNC has been at DEFCON 1 leaning HARD on the rainmakers because they are terrified of a CoD win in Delaware.

The problem is some internal poll that apparently shows that a high percentage of Democrats early voting are voting straight ticket Republican instead…they are Democrats voting against Democrats.

So, how did that esteemed institution, Fairleigh Dickerson University, come up with such different information than

Well, according to the university’s website:

The Fairleigh Dickinson University poll of 797 randomly selected likely voters statewide in Delaware was conducted by telephone, using both landlines and cell phones, from Oct. 20 through Oct. 26, 2010 and has a margin of error of +/- 3.5 percentage points.

Dr. Dan Cassino with Fairleigh Dickinson University says O’Donnell has firmed up her Republican base, but not without great cost:

We’ve seen that the voters in Delaware have become increasingly polarized about Christine O’Donnell, and we’re seeing that right now, she has a very unfavorable number of 44 percent, and that is up significantly.

Chris Coons’ unfavorability numbers, earlier in this month, were at 27 percent. His unfavorability numbers are now up to 36 percent.

Who is Dr. Dan Cassino? He’s an Associate Professor in Social Science, in charge of their political polling department/initiative named Public Minds. What are his bona fides? Well, let’s let his biography page on the school website tell you:

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR: (2007-) Fairleigh Dickinson University Department of Social Science and History

DIRECTOR OF OUTSIDE RESEARCH: (2007-) Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind Survey

LECTURER: (2006-2007) Fairleigh Dickinson University Department of Social Science and History

STAFF RESEARCHER: (2005-2006) Princeton University Department of Politics

INSTRUCTOR: (2003- 2005) Stony Brook University Department of Political Science

Peer Reviewed Academic Publications
“Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back: Politics, Religion and Masculinity in Young Men’s views of Abortion.” Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality 1:2.

“Motivated Ignorance and the Dynamics of Partisan Presidential Approval.” (with Matthew Lebo) Political Psychology 28:4.

“Information Processing and Public Opinion.” (with Charles S. Taber and Milton Lodge) Politische Vierteljahresschrift (Political Science Quarterly) 48:2.

Consuming Politics: Jon Stewart, Symbolic Politics and the Youth Vote in America (with Yasemin Besen). Under Contract with Associated Universities Press, for delivery in 2008.

Book Chapters
“The Primacy of Affect in Political Evaluations.” (with Milton Lodge). In The Affect Effect. Marcus, Neuman, et al., eds. 2007: University of Chicago Press.

Non-Peer Reviewed Journals
“Bush Withers Republican in Garden State Senate Race,” (with Peter J. Woolley) The Polling Report, Vol. 22, No. 16 (August 28, 2006), pp. 1, 7-8.
“Why Menendez Won,” (with Peter J. Woolley) The Polling Report, Vol. 22, No. 22, (Nov. 27, 2006), pp. 1, 5-6.

Stony Brook University
Areas of specialty: Political Psychology, Political Economics, Methodology

Stony Brook University

University of Arizona

Parties and Interest Groups
The American Presidency
Research Methods
Introduction to American Politics
Constitutional Law
Political Psychology

Introduction to Quantitative Methodology in Social Sciences
INQUISIT programming seminar

(selected examples)

“New Poll Gives Sen. Menendez Edge in NJ,” Washington Post, Forbes, CBS News, San Francisco Chronicle, Thursday, October 5, 2006.
“Poll: Democrat Leads NJ Senate Race,” MSNBC, ABC News, Fox News, Thursday, October 5, 2006.
“GOP Hopeful Says Rumsfeld Should Resign,” New York Times, Sunday, September 3, 2006.
“Iraq Weighs Heavily in Kean’s Balancing Act.” New York Times, Sunday, September 10, 2006.
“Gibes are Traded by Rivals for Senate.” Philadelphia Inquirer, Thursday, August 31, 2006.
“Poll: War Concerns Hamper Kean Bid.” Newsday, San Jose Mercury News, others, Wednesday, August 30, 2006.
NPR’s Talk of the Nation, August 30, 2006.

So…Dr. Cassino, the guy responsible for the Fairleigh Dickinson Political Poll is...Liberal. I’m shocked, I tell you. Shocked!

The phrase "separation of church and state" does not appear anywhere in the Constitution.

The Chris Coons’ $10,000 Price Tag
The Chris Coons’ $10,000 Price Tag
Wilmington, DE – Christine O’Donnell, Delaware’s Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate, released the following statement today about the high cost of sending her opponent to Washington:

"A vote for my opponent will cost the average Delaware family instantly up to $10,000 in the coming tax hikes and his vote for cap-and-trade. Chris Coons’ campaign says that number is ‘not based in reality.’ It looks like it’s Chris who is out of touch again.

“In less than 80 days a typical Delaware family will pay about $6,100 in personal income taxes because of the Obama tax increases. If Chris Coons gets his way and helps Harry Reid push Cap-and-Trade through a lame duck session, Delawareans can also expect their utility bills to jump about $1,200. Then, there’s the extra $3,000 a year for higher consumer prices when small businesses, service providers and companies raise their prices to cover their own skyrocketing energy costs. That cap-and-trade scheme stands to financially benefit Chris’ family while it costs yours, through so-called green technology manufactured by the company that belongs to my opponent’s family.

“And that’s not all. Under Obamacare, health care costs will jump for families, and for businesses that provide coverage. Delawareans will also pay higher taxes on investments, and, if a loved one passes away, you could face an inheritance tax of up to 60 percent.

“That’s the expensive reality that Chris Coons doesn’t want you to know.”

Wilmington, DE – Christine O’Donnell, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Delaware, laid out the following facts following New Castle County Executive Chris Coons’ support for the economic “stimulus” during the debate Tuesday at the Widener University School of Law.
Coons Praised The Stimulus For Helping To Recover From “The Great Recession.” (Senator Ted Kaufman, “Delaware Officials Announce State Has Been Promised More Than $1 Billion In Recovery Funds,” Press Release, 10/26/09)
“The Stimulus Has Had ‘Enormous And Important Impacts,’ New Castle County Executive Chris Coons Said. (Mike Chalmers, “Stimulus Jobs Difficult To Count,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 10/27/09)
New Castle County Received Stimulus Money For A Jobs Program Aimed At Teens And Young Adults. (“Judge Rules In Favor Of Coons In Firing Of Freebery’s Brother,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 12/22/09)
New Castle County Spent $200,000 Of Stimulus Money On Workshops For An Expected 700 People. (Angie Basiouny, “NCCo To Offer Jobs Workshops,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 11/11/09)
Coons Asked To Receive Any Stimulus Wilmington Didn’t Want To Use (Adam Taylor, “Baker Keeps Options Open On COPS Grant,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 7/30/09)
Coons Sent A Letter To Eric Holder And Joe Biden Asking To Receive Any Stimulus Money Wilmington Rejected. (Adam Taylor, “Baker Keeps Options Open On COPS Grant,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 7/30/09)
Coons Credited Stimulus Funding For Saving Police Jobs. 15 jobs saved (Jennifer Price, “County Police Take Pay Cut, No Layoffs,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 7/10/09)
Roughly $670,000 Of Stimulus Money Went To Provide Money For Rent And Utility Bills For Qualifying Renters Or Homeowners. (“Grant To Aid Those Seeking New Castle County Homes,” The Associated Press, 11/5/09)
Stimulus Money Was Spent For Federal Recovery Zone Bonds, Which Coons Said Would Provide The Opportunity For Hundreds Of New Jobs. $76.3 million (Angie Basiouny, “Stimulus Bonds Will Help Firms Raise Money For NCCo Projects,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 9/26/09)
In 2010, Coons Said The Stimulus Funds Are Flowing Too Slowly. (Shailagh Murray, “Democratic Senatorial Candidates Vie To Be Seen As Outsiders,” The Washington Post, 2/22/10)

Debate Fact Check: Chris Coons Says He Wants to Stop Outsourcing of Jobs
By Campaign Team on October 14, 2010 in Fact Check
Newark, Del. – During tonight’s debate for Delaware’s U.S. Senate seat, Chris Coons said he wants to stop outsourcing of jobs, but the one private company that employed him – the company where he says he did job creation – has several manufacturing plants in China.

Debate Fact Check: Chris Coons Says He Cares About Education
By Campaign Team on October 14, 2010 in Fact Check
Newark, Del. – During tonight’s debate for Delaware’s U.S. Senate seat, Chris Coons said he cares about education, but his latest 304-page document about New Castle County’s priorities doesn’t mention the word “teacher” even once.

Debate Fact Check: Coons on Health Care
By Campaign Team on October 14, 2010 in Fact Check
Newark, Del. – Christine O’Donnell, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Delaware, called attention to her opponent’s record on health care reform during Wednesday night’s debate at the University of Delaware.
Chris Coons has said that he would have voted for ObamaCare even though the measure is not perfect, but earlier he said the health care plan was overly ambitious.
Coons Said He Would Have Voted Yes On The Democrat Health Care Bill Even Though The Measure Is Not Perfect. “(Ginger Gibson, “Vote’s Fallout May Linger Into November Elections,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 3/23/10)
Coons Had Previously Called The Democrat Health Care Plan “Overly Ambitious.” (Shailagh Murray, “Democratic Senatorial Candidates Vie To Be Seen As Outsiders,” The Washington Post, 2/22/10)

Debate Fact Check: Coons on Taxes and Spending
By Campaign Team on October 13, 2010 in Fact Check
Newark, Del. – Christine O’Donnell, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Delaware, laid out the facts after New Castle County Executive Chris Coons’ claims on taxes and spending during their Wednesday debate at the University of Delaware.
Coons Voted For A Prevailing Wage Provision For County-Funded Construction Projects. (O03088, Passed 5-2, 10/14/03, Coons Voted Yes)
The News-Journal’s Ron Williams: It Was Estimated That The Prevailing Wage Law Cost Taxpayers More Than $4 Million In The Year After It Was Passed. (Ron Williams, Op-Ed, “Democrats For Lee Hustle Crossover Vote,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 10/1/04)
It still causes problems for construction companies today by driving up the cost of bids based on workforce costs.
Coons Voted At Least 36 Times To Install Street Lights And Implement A Tax Based On The Cost Of The Lights.
In 2004, Coons Voted To Authorize The Issuance Of Up To $80 Million In General Obligation Bonds. It Was The Largest Amount Of Money The County Has Borrowed At Once.
2009: “‘We’re 18 Months From Being Out Of Money — Unable To Operate, Not To Use The “B” Word,’ Coons Said, In A Reference To Bankruptcy. (Jeff Montgomery, “Sobering Challenges Reflected In Speeches,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 1/22/09)
In 2006, Coons Proposed Increasing Property Taxes Five Percent. (Alison Kepner, “Residents Say Tax Hike Small, But Express Fears For Future,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 5/16/06)
In 2007, Coons Proposed Raising Property Taxes 17.5 Percent. (Angie Basiouny, “17 Percent Tax Hike Proposed For NCCo,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 3/21/07)
In 2007, Coons Said He Planned To Approach The General Assembly With Plans To Levy A Hotel Tax, A 911 Tax And A Paramedic Tax.
Coons Proposed A Tax On 911 Calls Made From Cell Phones. (Ron Williams, “There’s More Than One Tax Hike Proposed For NCCo,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 3/21/07)
Had The Tax Passed The State Legislature, It Would Have Applied To All Three Delaware Counties, Not Just New Castle. (Ron Williams, Op-Ed, “Using Telephone Bills To Raise Tax Income Is Sneaky,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 4/15/07)
Coons Proposed A 2 Percent Hotel Surcharge. The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 3/21/07)
Coons Also Asked The State Legislature To Eliminate A Tax Credit For First-Time Homebuyers.
“Faced With A $40 Million Deficit For This Fiscal Year, County Executive Chris Coons Unveiled A Budget In March [2009] That Called For A 25 Percent Property-Tax Increase And Massive Spending Cuts, Including A Decrease Of $4.8 Million In Personnel Costs.” (Angie Basiouny, “NCCo Signs Pact With Paramedics, Averts More Layoffs,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 10/1/09)
In 2009, Coons Proposed A 25 Percent Increase In The Property Tax, The Second Largest In County History. (Angie Basiouny, “Coons’ 2010 Proposal Hits Hard — And Broad,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 3/18/09)
Coons: “[W]e Raised Taxes More Than Anyone Has In 30 Years.” (Reid Wilson, “Why Delaware Isn’t A GOP Gimme,” National Journal’s Hotline On Call Blog, 6/7/10)
Coons Said He Has Never Heard People Complain Their Tax Burden Was Too High. (David Catanese, “Coons Embraces Del. Tax Decision,” Politico, 6/4/10)
The Budget Was Approved (Jesse Chadderdon, “NCCo Council Approves Budget, 25 Percent Tax Increase,”, 5/26/09)
In 2005, Coons Proposed Increasing The Sewer Tax $63 For The Average Household. (Angie Basiouny, “NCCo Exec Proposes Reining In Spending,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 3/30/05)
The Increase Was Approved. (Angie Basiouny, “NCCo Budget Ups Sewer Rates But Holds Taxes Steady,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 5/25/05)
In 2006, Coons Proposed A Massive Increase In Sewer Fees For Residents Of Southern New Castle County. (Alison Kepner, “First Bill For Sewer Service: $23,000,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 3/10/06)
In 2006, Coons Again Proposed Increasing The Sewer Tax. (“Around Delaware,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 3/22/06)
The Increase Was Approved. (Angie Basiouny, “NCCo OKs Tax Hike, Budget,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 5/24/06)
In 2008, Coons Proposed Raising The Sewer Tax 4.4 Percent. (Angie Basiouny, “Coons To Propose Sewer Rate Increase,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 3/20/08)
In 2009, Coons Proposed To Raise The Sewer Tax 10 Percent. (Angie Basiouny, “Coons’ 2010 Proposal Hits Hard — And Broad,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 3/18/09)
The 10 Percent Tax Increase Was Approved. (Angie Basiouny, “25% NCCo Property Tax Hike OK’d,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 5/27/09
In 2010, Coons Proposed To Raise The Sewer Tax Four Percent. (Adam Taylor, “Coons Proposes Layoffs,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 3/17/10)
In 2007, Coons Supported Legislation That Would Have Raised Taxes On Seniors And The Disabled (Angie Basiouny, “NCCo Tax Exemption Cuts Up For Vote,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 9/10/07)
In 2007, Coons Proposed A Revision Of The Tax Exempt Program That Would Have Resulted In The Tax Bills Of Senior Citizens Going Up (Angie Basiouny, “17 Percent Tax Hike Proposed For NCCo,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 3/21/07)
Coons “Re-Invented” The High-Paying Position Of Public Safety Director After It Had Been Off The Books For Eight Years. (Ron Williams, Op-Ed, “Guess Who’s In Charge Of NCCo Government,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 1/28/09)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Delaware Just So You Can't Say No One Told Me About Chris Coons

Chris Coons: American freedom and justice 'not exactly based on reality'.

Well Mr. Coons...(To those who fight for it, FREEDOM has a meaning the protected will never know.) Delaware - TELL THAT TO COONS!!!!!
Coons is not a suitable person to vote on military matters. Hold the line Delaware! Hold the line!
Stand-up and Vote for your state and your family. Vote for Christine O'Donnell>

"I audited one class at Union Theological with Cornel West when I was at the Coalition for the Homeless in New York and realized I strongly needed and wanted some grounding in traditions and doctrines of my own faith," he said.

In that interview, Coons also stated, "I have worked to make it clear that I respect and value those that have no faith in a higher being. I think it is an important principle in a pluralistic democracy."

West, currently a race-relations instructor at Princeton, is an avowed Marxist and senior member at the Democrat Socialists of America.

Obama named West, whom he has called a personal friend, to the Black Advisory Council of his presidential campaign.

West was a key point man between Obama's campaign and the black community.

West served as an adviser on Louis Farrakhan's Million Man March and is a self-described personal friend of the Nation of Islam leader. West authored two books on race with Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr, who was at the center of a recent controversy in which Obama criticized Gates' treatment by police outside his home after a report of a burglary.

'Racist American empire'

It was West who introduced Obama at a 2007 Harlem fundraiser attended by some 1,500 people that served as Obama's first foray into Harlem after announcing his Democratic presidential candidacy.

WND reported West introduced Obama on stage at the fundraiser after first railing against the "racist" criminal-justice system of the "American empire."

A scan of YouTube clips found West introducing Obama at the fundraiser while stating the "American empire is in such a deep crisis" and slamming the "racist criminal-justice system" and "disgraceful schools in our city."

"He is my brother and my companion and comrade," said West of Obama.

WND found a video that shows Obama taking the stage just after West's introduction, expressing his gratitude to West, calling him "not only a genius, a public intellectual, a preacher, an oracle ... he's also a loving person."

Obama asked the audience for a round of applause for West.

From a young age, West proclaimed he admired "the sincere black militancy of Malcolm X, the defiant rage of the Black Panther Party ... and the livid black (liberation) theology of James Cone."

Cone's theology spawned Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's controversial pastor for 20 years at the Trinity United Church of Christ. West was a strong defender of Wright when the pastor's extreme remarks became national news during the presidential campaign.

In 1995, West signed a letter published as an ad in the New York Times that voiced support for cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, a former Black Panther.

In 2002, West further signed a "Statement of Conscience" crafted by Not In Our Name, a project of C. Clark Kissinger's Revolutionary Communist Party. He then endorsed the World Can't Wait campaign, a Revolutionary Communist Party project seeking to organize "people living in the United States to take responsibility to stop the whole disastrous course led by the Bush administration."

After branding the U.S. a "racist patriarchal" nation in his book "Race Matters," West wrote, "White America has been historically weak-willed in ensuring racial justice and has continued to resist fully accepting the humanity of blacks."

Also in that book, West claimed the 9/11 attacks gave white Americans a glimpse of what it means to be a black person in the U.S. – feeling "unsafe, unprotected, subject to random violence and hatred" for who they are.

"Since 9/11," West wrote, "the whole nation has the blues, when before it was just black people."
Coons and Black Liberation Theology
Meanwhile, Jeffrey Lord, writing at Spectator, points out Coons himself may have ties to Black Liberation Theology.

Previous media profiles noted that while doing relief work in Africa, the Senate candidate worked as a volunteer for the South African Council of Churches, or SACC, at a time, Lord wrote, when that institute was aligning itself with Black Liberation Theology.

The SACC formed a think tank, the Institute for Contextual Theology, which was philosophically aligned with the Black Consciousness Movement. According to the World Socialist Movement website, the "writings and activities of (Black Liberation Theology founder) James Cone ... played a role in the Black Consciousness Movement's formation."

Indeed, Lord notes, Cone's influence on the leadership of SACC was discussed in "James Cone's Legacy in Africa: Confession as Political Praxis in the Kairos Document," a paper written by O.U. Kalu, a Research Associate at the University of Pretoria, when he studied at the McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago.

The McCormick Institute has promoted the work of Obama's pastor, Wright, who also delivered guest sermons at the institute.

Coons: American freedom and justice 'not exactly based on reality'

(To those who fight for it, FREEDOM has a meaning the protected will never know.)
Coons is not a suitable person to vote on military matters. Hold the line Delaware!>

In Coons' 1985 college-newspaper piece, entitled, "Chris Coons: The Making of a Bearded Marxist," the future politician discussed his cathartic experiences studying in Africa.
"I studied under a bright and eloquent Marxist professor at the University of Nairobi," he wrote.
Continued Coons: "Some of the 'Leftists' that I met were terrifyingly persuasive, although I never admitted that."

" ... [S]everal professors challenged the basic assumptions about America and world relations with which I had grown up ...and undermined the accepted value of progress and the cultural superiority of the West."

"I came to suspect ... that the ideal of America as 'a beacon of freedom and justice, providing hope for the world' was not exactly based on reality."

Delaware Get Ready to Pay More in Taxes with Chris Coons

Delaware get ready for tax increases.
Chris Coons, Tax Man, New Castle County, Property Taxes, Sewer Taxes

Paul G. Collier

In today’s economic downturn, the families across America are facing difficult economic hardships. On January 1, 2011, an event will occur that might hurt American families in two ways, by raising your taxes, and by possibly costing your job, or keeping you out of work longer. Chris Coons, the well-documented Tax Man of New Castle County, Delaware, is going after your family budget. Here’s how”
In the 2003 campaign to elect the New Castle County executive, Chris Coons pledged he would not raise taxes. He pulled a George HW Bush when he pledged he would not raise property taxes or sewer taxes. Six years later, the people of New Castle County have seen their property taxes jacked up over 50%, while their sewage fees have also dramatically spiked.
These facts are important to keep in mind as we get set to elect a Senator in Delaware that will immediately take office and have the power to effect critical decisions on taxes the Lame Duck Congress is set to make before a very important date, January 1, 2011. Chris Coons has once again pledged “no new taxes” by stating he would allow 98% of the Bush Tax Cuts to continue, but let the other 2% expire (the ones on small businesses, more on how that will affect your family later). Don’t believe his pledges on taxes. His track record does not reflect reliability.

The 2001 and 2003 GOP-led Tax cuts are set to expire January 1, 2011. There are a few ways that this date will directly affect the budgets of families across this nation. Perhaps the most startling tax hike will come in the form of a 50% spike in tax rates for the lowest rate income families. The current rate, thanks to the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, is 10%. On January 1, 2011, this rate will rise to 15%.

It is well documented by even the Democrat Party that small businesses are the backbone of our job-producing economy. Families across the U.S are experiencing job loss, unemployment, downsizing, reduced pay that has not returned even as the stock market and large corporations have returned to record profits, in some instances. As families struggle to maintain their homes, feed their children, save for their education, small businesses are set to experience almost a 15% increase in taxes, at a time when profit margins are at historic lows.

Thanks to the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, small businesses currently pay a 35% tax rate. Thanks to the expiration of these tax cuts on January 1, 2011, this rate will rise dramatically to 39.6%. Some small businesses barely treading water will simply go under, others enjoying some profit and growth, will see their returns flatten. These businesses will have to cut their budgets to return to sustainable profitability. Other businesses, set for real growth, which equates to job creation, will have to alter their plans of adding jobs and shore up what they have right now.

What does that mean for the average family in Delaware that is set to vote for a man who will rubber stamp Obama’s assault on family budgets? It means voting for a man who will allow YOUR taxes to spike by 50%, like he did with New Castle County residents with his property tax increases, AND stopping new jobs from being created, and more jobs from being lost by hitting small businesses with a devastating tax increase at a time when unemployment is already near 10%.

October 10th, 2010 Posted by TMH
The media has failed Delaware voters; they have not vetted Senatorial candidate Christopher Coons.

Delaware voters need to know that if Christopher “Chris” Coons is elected as their Senator, he will vote for legislation that will wastefully spend taxpayer dollars (e.g. Stimulus 2, 3, 4, etc.), cause more jobs to be lost, raise their taxes as he’s done time and again, support the most extreme radical-left special interest groups and grow the size of government.

How do we know this? Chris Coons has already shown us what he really plans to do as Senator.

Chris Coons is to the far, far left of Joe Biden (former Delaware Senator). Chris Coons has demonstrated that he says one thing to voters to get elected, then does the opposite once he’s elected. Delaware voters should know the truth about Chris Coons’ accomplishments, positions and plans before they cast their vote.

1. What is Chris Coons’ position on Taxation and the Redistribution of Wealth? (Notice he campaigns on one thing, and when elected, HE DOES THE OPPOSITE.)

“In 2004, while campaigning to become New Castle County’s top executive, a position he was elected to, Coons promised not to raise taxes. Since then he has raised taxes three times.

From The Washington Examiner:

“Coons inherited a surplus. Celebrating victory on election night in 2004, he said his ‘top priority would be to continue balancing the budget without increasing property taxes,’ according to an account in the local News Journal.”

“Yet in 2006, he pushed through a 5 percent increase in property taxes. In 2007, he raised property taxes 17.5 percent. In 2009, he raised them another 25 percent. Coons wanted to raise other taxes, too. He proposed a hotel tax, a tax on paramedic services, even a tax on people who call 911 from cell phones.”

Also see: The Chris Coons Project – how Tweed Park Project gave to the rich and took the property of the working class – Delaware News

2. What will Chris Coons do if he is elected Senator, and what has he already done?

“The size of County government has grown every year under Coons and the budget has steadily increased. (Who is Chris Coons? – Marxism Blue Hen, Sept. 17, 2010)

“Coons raised taxes in 2005, 2007 and 2009. He also raided the county’s reserve fund and increased water and sewer fees.

“His support for taxpayer-funded abortion and partial-birth abortion earned him a 100 percent rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America.

“He favors amnesty for immigrants who are here illegally.

“His statements on the economy indicate that he thinks we need another stimulus bill.

Tax Reform

Increase property & sewer taxes; layoff 75 county employees. (Mar 2009)
New approach to replace Bush tax cuts. (Aug 2010)

Energy and Oil

Oil drilling poses an environmental risk. (Jul 2010)
Buildup of carbon dioxide is unsustainable. (Jul 2010)

Free Trade

Link fair trade with national security. (Jul 2010)

Homeland Security

Link security with development and human rights. (Jul 2010)

Obamacare and Washington

Coons stated at a debate in Wilmington, DE that he supported Obamacare as currently written and indicated that there was little going on in Washington that he would change. (Sept 2010)

By 1984, after observing Kenya’s socialistic system, Coons wrote, “I realize that Kenya and America are very different, but experiences like this warned me that my own favorite beliefs in the miracles of free enterprise and the boundless opportunities to be had in America might be largely untrue.” The boundless opportunities to be had n America might be largely untrue? Perhaps Chris Coons decided he needed to ‘transform America.’ What has Coons done to make things better for Delawareans?

As New Castle County’s “top executive.” Chris Coons’ policies led his county to the top spot… with the HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATE of all three Delaware counties.

With 35,300 unemployed Delawareans, voters will need to make a choice.

Do Delawareans want a Senator like Chris Coons who will continue to raise taxes and kill jobs? Do they want a Senator who doesn’t believe in our free-market system and, under his watch, drives his county to the highest unemployment rate in the state? If that’s what they want, Chris Coons is their guy.

But if Delawareans want what 70 to 80% of Americans want – lower taxes, job growth and reduced government spending/waste, then Christine O’Donnell is their gal.

It’s a simple choice and it has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican. It has everything to do with what each candidate will do once they’re elected and we know what Chris Coons will do based on what he’s already done and his stated positions.

So, lately, as Chris Coons has become embroiled in a third lawsuit issued by a former member of his staff, this investigation has been swept under the rug in favor of “more substantive” matters. Like O’Donnell stating accurately that the constitution does not expressly establish the separation of church and state. Well, that’s kind of like saying the world is round: not really groundbreaking information. She is stating a a simple fact, albeit a politically incorrect one.

Yet this information is more newsworthy than material indicating that Chris Coons fired members of his staff based on their political views. Interesting.

Here is the Associated Press article on Coon’s legal issue:
WILMINGTON, Del. (AP)- A third lawsuit alleges that New Castle County Executive Chris Coons retaliated against county employees because of their political views.

Dennis Parkstone filed the latest lawsuit last month. He claims he was fired after 35 years for a minor violation because he voiced support for Coon’s rival in 2004, Sherry Freebery. However, county spokeswoman Christy Gleason says Parkstone was fired because he sent inappropriate and explicit e-mails on the county’s e-mail servers.

A lawsuit filed by county police Corporal Trinidad Navarro is scheduled to go to trial next month. Navarro alleges he was passed over for a promotion
because he supported a police chief appointed by the previous county executive.

And two years ago, Freebery’s brother alleged in lawsuit that he was improperly fired because he supported his sister. He was the general manager of Special Services for the county.

There you have it. Just in case you were wondering, this story is 141 words long. How many words do you think our “objective” press contributed to coverage of O’Donnell’s statements and personal issues?

Chris Coons is an arrogant,elitist machine politician. Also, he’s apparantly a cry baby when it comes to his employees holding differing points of view.

It is really a shame that O’Donnell is getting the proverbial media lashing even when she doesn’t deserve it. Chris Coons deserves to get hammered by the media on this. But this lawsuit is the third one. I’m not holding out much hope we’ll get more than 141 words on it.