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China Power

In 2005, Gen. Chi Haotian of China, its “minister of national defense” since 1993 to 2003, revealed in his speeches that in China’s war on the United States, from one-third to two-thirds of Americans would be poisoned or infected biologically by the Chinese, and their homes and property would be transferred over to Chinese settlers, since the Chinese (and not the Germans, as Chi stipulated in his speech) are the superior race and must have everything best in the world.'sPlanToConquer.htm

China Quietly Prepares for World Domination
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By: Lev Navrozov

Four facts pertaining to the People’s Republic of China, as Mao named his China in 1949, suggest China’s conquest of the world:

The population of China is 1.3 billion, that is, 1 billion people more than the population of the United States.
The rulers of the post-1949 China have the unlimited possibilities to convert their over 1 billion people, minus little children and sick adults, into top-level military officers and creators of advanced weapons.
China has sympathizers such as President Obama in the United States and some Muslims in other countries. The fight against the so-called racist policies and attempts to anticipate terrorist attacks with which the governments of France, Britain, the United States, and some other Western countries are preoccupied only serve to divert the countries’ attention and resources from China’s aggressive behavior.
The Western view that the China is or recently was a “big village” overlooks the facts. (Some of these facts I listed in my earlier columns.) For example, China anticipated Newton’s mathematics and physics. China’s global conquest will probably begin with its neighbor Russia, whose rulers are terrified by the China. If Russia is conquered by the China, China will obtain Russia's enormous natural resources and will thereby strengthen its military potential even further in its unstoppable advance to grab the entire world.

At this point it is perhaps worthwhile to ask why so many people who come to this country (and others) attach such great importance to their “national origins.”

The sad fact is that many people have nothing to be interested in: they are spiritually naked, so to speak. Great artists, poets, and musicians have their living interests in their vocations. But many people have nothing to preoccupy themselves with spiritually.

My advice to them is to learn the official language of the country to which you came to live, like English in the United States, and enjoy your native language at home.

The development of post-nuclear superweapons in China including molecular superweapons is steady, relentless, and growing in scale in accordance with Chinese dictators’ will and money. It is anything but suicidal. On the contrary, it is to safeguard, via world domination, the dictators’ absolute power, along with their wealth and longevity.

The behavior of the Western political establishment is suicidal. But this will be a quiet suicide. As the Chinese military authors of “Unrestricted Warfare” (Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui) conjectured, the United States will perish “not with a rumble, but a snicker.”

Is it possible to anticipate a terrorist attack? And how would you know if someone is plotting an attack? This has always been a problem. I cannot help recalling one Russian satirical piece of the 19th century: The police chief says that his subordinates should pay special attention to apprehending “terrorists,” in contrast to hate murderers in general. “But how would we know who is who?” he was asked. “Easy!” explained the police chief, “The terrorists wear Greek hats.”

Nowadays the problem does not seem to be as simple as it was for the Russian police chief of old. Unlimited resources and time are being spent in search for terrorists. And as is well known, the suicidal terrorist strikes according to his/her own design.

To quote Dostoyevsky, “Suicidally inclined person is the freest individual on earth. He craves no wealth and fears no legal retribution, for he has sentenced himself to death.”

One of my readers noted in his e-mail to me: “So I just want to say that I enjoy reading your articles, for they are very thought-provoking, and at least I am not now the only person that sees China for what it is and the danger it poses to the West as we feed the dragon.”

The countries that do not wish to be converted by China into graveyards or into its perfect slave-state appendages must form a World Union of Global Defense against China. The free countries must stop China in its tracks while still there is time.

All that the “war on terrorism” demonstrates is that the mental level of the Western political establishment, including the mainstream media, is so low that the West as it is today is not fit to survive the annihilation by post-nuclear superweapons being developed in China since 1986.

The destiny of the world is being decided NOW. The past of global civilization and its future are at stake. The Nazi wars would pale in comparison with what China would inflict upon the world.

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• According to the New York Times, Clinton removed $2 billion in trade with China from national security scrutiny. Among the results: 77 supercomputers – capable of 13 billion calculations per second – that could scramble and unscramble secret data and design nuclear weapons. These were purchased by the Chinese without a peep stateside. At least some of them would be used by the Chinese military.

• With the transfer of the Panama Canal, four of Panama's ports ended up being controlled by a company partially owned by Hutchison-Whampoa Ltd., which in turn was owned by Li Ka-Shing, a billionaire so close to the Chinese power structure that he was offered the governorship of Hong Kong.

Another owner of the Panamanian ports was China Resources Enterprise, called an "agent of espionage" by Senator Fred Thompson. CRE was also a partner of the Lippo Group, owned by the Riady family that played a central if mysterious role in the rise of William Clinton. According to congressional testimony by ex-JCS [Joint Chiefs of Staff] chief Admiral Thomas Moorer, Hutchison-Whampoa won the right to pilot all ships through the Panama Canal, including U.S. naval vessels.

• President Clinton signed national security waivers to allow four U.S. commercial satellites to be launched in China, despite evidence that China was exporting nuclear and missile technology to Pakistan and Iran, among other nations. One of these satellites belonged to Loral. Nine days later a Chinese Long March rocket carrying a $200 million satellite belonging to Loral failed in mid-flight.

A subsequent lawsuit charged that the circuit board from the highly classified encryption device in the satellite was found to be missing when the Chinese returned debris from the explosion to U.S. authorities, even though a control box containing the circuit board was recovered intact. After the crash, NSA reportedly changed the encoded algorithms used by U.S. satellites because of the apparent release of highly classified information.

• President Clinton approved a waiver allowing the launch of another satellite on board a Chinese rocket, despite a recommendation by the Department of Justice that the waiver would have a significant adverse impact on any prosecution arising from its pending investigation of Loral.

• The New York Times reported in 1998 that the Defense Technology Security Administration said Loral's unauthorized release of sensitive technology to the Chinese gave rise to at least three "major" violations of U.S. national security, three medium violations and 12 "minor" infractions.

• Throughout these dealings, the CEO of Loral, Bernard Schwartz, contributed at least $1.5 million to the Democrats, making him the single largest contributor to these groups during the period in question.

• Softwar newsletter reported that that some of the radios and cell phones being used by Chinese police in their campaign against dissidents were those sold to the Chinese by Motorola after Clinton overrode human rights objections by the State Department.

• In the end, the brunt of the evidence was that the Chinese had obtained more American military secrets over the past two decades than had all the previous spies in American history put together. They had basic information on all nuclear weapons systems, they got our most advanced supercomputers, they gained extraordinarily important information about satellite systems. Some of this knowledge they used for themselves; some they retrofitted and repackaged and sold to other countries like Iraq, where it was used against our own fighter planes.

While the problem occurred under both Republican and Democratic administrations, it got completely out of hand under Clinton. Some of the information was stolen, some was given to China in the classic manner of spies, but a stunning proportion was obtained either as a direct result of political and economic decisions by the Clinton administration or as a result of what can best be described as premeditated indifference.

• Three major players in the China scandal – John Huang, Charlie Trie and Johnny Chung – were all allowed by the Justice Department to cop pleas.

• Carol Cameron of Fox News reported that cover stories provided by Chinese operatives to hide China's illegal campaign contributions may have come from or been approved by President Jiang Zemin. Transcripts of FBI wiretaps obtained by Fox News also pointed to the possibility that President Clinton may have known of both the illegal donations and what was to be said if they were discovered.

Johnny Chung told Congress he was under orders from the Chinese to keep the whole thing quiet. His orders, he said, came from a suspected Chinese intelligence operative named Robert Luu, who worked for a Los Angeles law firm. In a phone conversation tapped by the FBI, Chung was told by Luu to say the campaign money came from the so-called princelings: Chinese leaders' grown sons, who live, study and often live lavishly in the West.

A transcript of the wiretap, obtained by Fox News, contains the following:

LUU: "Shove the blame on the shoulders of the princelings."

CHUNG: "So blame it on the princelings. Do not implicate the Chinese government."

LUU: "Yes. Chairman Jiang agreed to handle it like this; the president over here also agreed."

• Newsweek quoted intelligence officials as saying that the Chinese "penetration is total. They are deep into the [U.S. nuclear weapons] labs' black programs."

• In an AP story ignored by major media, former CIA Director R. James Woolsey accused the Clinton administration of pursuing a policy of appeasement toward China and likened it to the way Britain and France dealt with Nazi Germany on Czechoslovakia before World War II.

• Last year, the Wall Street Journal wrote: "Top business executives are issuing a blunt warning to federal lawmakers: Vote against the trade deal with China, and we will hold it against you when writing campaign checks. Phil Condit, chairman of Boeing Co., and Robert N. Burt, chairman and chief executive of FMC Corp., said a coming vote to facilitate China's entry into the World Trade Organization will be a measure of every lawmaker's friendliness to business.

• Operating with an interim top secret clearance (but without FBI investigation or foreign security check) Commerce official Huang requested several top secret files on China just before a meeting with the Chinese ambassador. Huang and the Riadys then held a meeting with Clinton. Not long after, Huang went to work as a Democratic fund-raiser, but remained on Commerce's payroll as a $10,000-a-month consultant. Huang raised $5 million for the campaign. About a third of that was returned as having come from illegal sources. Among the problem contributions: $250,000 to the DNC from five Chinese businessmen in order to have a brief meeting with Clinton at a fund raiser.

• Macao businessman Ng Lap Seng, closely linked to a couple of major Chinese-owned enterprises, was regularly bringing in large sums of money to the United States, according to customs records. On one occasion, he arrived with $175,000 and then two days later met with Charlie Trie and Mark Middleton at the White House. That evening Ng sat at Clinton's table at a DNC fund raiser.

This is just a sample – not of treason, but of politics as it has been practiced. Now, let's turn to the recently arrested Agent Hanssen. So far there is no evidence that he helped the Russians build a missile, suppress dissidents, or buy U.S. politicians. Instead, in the FBI's own words, "The affidavit alleges that Hanssen compromised numerous human sources of the U.S. Intelligence Community, dozens of classified U.S. Government documents, including 'Top Secret' and 'code word' documents, and technical operations of extraordinary importance and value. It also alleges that Hanssen compromised FBI counterintelligence investigative techniques, sources, methods and operations, and disclosed to the KGB the FBI's secret investigation of Felix Bloch, a foreign service officer, for espionage."

Hanssen's major alleged crime, in other words, is not the betrayal of America but of the (note capitals) U.S. Intelligence Community, its personnel, its manuals, and its tricks of the trade. Open up Robert Hanssen and – as with a Russian doll – you just get another spy who is busily betraying another spy, all of whom are keeping secrets not so much from some foreign country as from the citizens of their own.

It is all bizarre, incestuous, of little known purpose, and, in the best postmodern manner, flexible. Just as American politicians and lawyers have redefined bribery so that the official bribee can escape punishment for the same crime for which the citizen bribee is punished, so the rules of loyalty to one's country now vary immensely not according to the nature of one's action but according to one's position. Hanssen will probably go to prison and may even be executed. Marc Rich's more acceptable foreign entanglements are used to justify his pardon.

China Prepares for World War
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By: Lev Navrozov

One of the origins of human society can be traced to slavery. Yes, it is the physical ability of one part of society to order another part of it to “do what the rulers want to be done.”

Only a language can explain well to another human being what he or she is expected to do. Slavery thus originated at a certain level of mental development: that of conversation in a mutually understood human tongue.

This level of human development made it possible for humans to wage wars instead of pursuing and killing animals. Gradually, there originated fortresses and fortifications as well as combat vehicles, including ships and aircraft. But slavery could perfectly combine with technological or strategic achievements.

Hitler’s Germany, which attacked Russia, was a slave state, as was Stalin’s Russia, though the word “slave” had ceased to be used officially whether applied to “our heroic troops” or to “our despised enemy.”

The existence of a slave state such as Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia, and Hitler’s defeat in Russia, could account for the fact that Stalin’s Russia had more military slaves than Hitler’s Germany.

We are now approaching the period when the People’s Republic of China will possess more military slaves than any other country or any alliance of countries acting as a single force.

Indeed, the People’s Republic of China will be able to induct the military slaves of the countries it will conquer into their invasion army.

Let us recall that Stalin’s Russia and thus the Russian army, consisted of different nations, some of which had nothing to do with the Russians. Yet Stalin’s army routed Hitler’s invaders.

So too the foreign military slaves in the People’s Republic of China will fight even better than those Soviet troops whose nationalities had nothing to do with the Russians (or with Stalin, who was a Georgian, not a Russian).

In other words, in the war of the People’s Republic of China for its world domination, we may see military slaves of conquered nations which will have nothing to do with the People’s Republic of China, yet who would be forced to fight on China’s side as its loyal military slaves.

We are possibly on the verge of a real world war, that is global war; and fighting on the side of the world conqueror, China, will be nations as different as were Soviet nations under the Georgian Stalin.

It has to be admitted that though the People’s Republic of China officially originated in 1949, practically nothing alarming was heard about it in the West till the end of the 20th century. It simply was one of the countries becoming known in the world. All the more reason for the world to wake up to the globally dangerous reality now.

But was the globalism of the People’s Republic of China an unexpected paradox? Mao was a disciple of Marx and Lenin. Certainly both of them were globalists! Said the Internationale, the Communist Party hymn:

The two worlds are in the final fight!
Our slogan: One Soviet World is right!

It has to be admitted that the rulers of the former Soviet Union were more philosophically minded rather than war minded, while the rulers of the People Republic of China behave more like world warriors rather than philosophers like Marx or Lenin or Stalin.

They are busy preparing the world takeover, not a glamorous picture of the paradise on earth for Western observers.

The Soviet rulers were philosophically convinced that the observance of the new Soviet Union, like the Moscow subway made out of marble, would lead to similar revolutions in all other countries.

The rulers of the People’s Republic of China are more experienced in the Western life to realize that the world war, not the tourist displays, will decide the destiny of the world.

This begs the question, Will the West understand what is going on in the world before it is too late?

The Western press and radio materials are concentrating on injustices inside the People’s Republic of China, as though the country has sworn on “socialism” and it is necessary to watch its performance.

On the other hand, no crucial documents of top world policy of the People’s Republic of China and its allies are known outside their top secret Cabinets.

The People’s Republic of China is not a democracy, where the crucial elements of its domestic policy become publicly known.

It is the murder of participants of the Tiananmen Square movement, who dared to suggest elections of some elements of the government, that attracted the public attention to the political nature of the People’s Republic of China.

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