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Media has failed Delaware voters; they have not vetted Senatorial candidate Christopher Coons.

October 10th, 2010 Posted by TMH
The media has failed Delaware voters; they have not vetted Senatorial candidate Christopher Coons.

Delaware voters need to know that if Christopher “Chris” Coons is elected as their Senator, he will vote for legislation that will wastefully spend taxpayer dollars (e.g. Stimulus 2, 3, 4, etc.), cause more jobs to be lost, raise their taxes as he’s done time and again, support the most extreme radical-left special interest groups and grow the size of government.

How do we know this? Chris Coons has already shown us what he really plans to do as Senator.

Chris Coons is to the far, far left of Joe Biden (former Delaware Senator). Chris Coons has demonstrated that he says one thing to voters to get elected, then does the opposite once he’s elected. Delaware voters should know the truth about Chris Coons’ accomplishments, positions and plans before they cast their vote.

1. What is Chris Coons’ position on Taxation and the Redistribution of Wealth? (Notice he campaigns on one thing, and when elected, HE DOES THE OPPOSITE.)

“In 2004, while campaigning to become New Castle County’s top executive, a position he was elected to, Coons promised not to raise taxes. Since then he has raised taxes three times.

From The Washington Examiner:

“Coons inherited a surplus. Celebrating victory on election night in 2004, he said his ‘top priority would be to continue balancing the budget without increasing property taxes,’ according to an account in the local News Journal.”

“Yet in 2006, he pushed through a 5 percent increase in property taxes. In 2007, he raised property taxes 17.5 percent. In 2009, he raised them another 25 percent. Coons wanted to raise other taxes, too. He proposed a hotel tax, a tax on paramedic services, even a tax on people who call 911 from cell phones.”

Also see: The Chris Coons Project – how Tweed Park Project gave to the rich and took the property of the working class – Delaware News

2. What will Chris Coons do if he is elected Senator, and what has he already done?

“The size of County government has grown every year under Coons and the budget has steadily increased. (Who is Chris Coons? – Marxism Blue Hen, Sept. 17, 2010)

“Coons raised taxes in 2005, 2007 and 2009. He also raided the county’s reserve fund and increased water and sewer fees.

“His support for taxpayer-funded abortion and partial-birth abortion earned him a 100 percent rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America.

“He favors amnesty for immigrants who are here illegally.

“His statements on the economy indicate that he thinks we need another stimulus bill.

Tax Reform

Increase property & sewer taxes; layoff 75 county employees. (Mar 2009)
New approach to replace Bush tax cuts. (Aug 2010)

Energy and Oil

Oil drilling poses an environmental risk. (Jul 2010)
Buildup of carbon dioxide is unsustainable. (Jul 2010)

Free Trade

Link fair trade with national security. (Jul 2010)

Homeland Security

Link security with development and human rights. (Jul 2010)

Obamacare and Washington

Coons stated at a debate in Wilmington, DE that he supported Obamacare as currently written and indicated that there was little going on in Washington that he would change. (Sept 2010)


Coons supports extending Miranda rights to terrorists. (Sep 2010)

3. What is Chris Coons’ intent if he becomes Senator, according to Chris Coons himself?

“Serving in the United States Senate would be a “great way for me to apply the principles and values that were honed at YDS.”

4. What are the principles and values Chris Coons honed at Yale Divinity School (YDS) where he earned a Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R.) in 1994?

“Yale Divinity School Courses and Required Reading:

• Witchcraft and Witch Hunting: Specifically listed as REL 717: Witchcraft and Witch Hunting, the “REL” presumably stands for “Religion.”

• Queer Worship: The formal name for this course is REL 786, Liturgy and Gender (Queer Worship).

• Queer Globalizations: Citizenship and the Afterlife of Colonialism is a great place to start. And Queer Globalizations? What values are to be found there? A check over at Amazon shows such interesting chapters and sections as “The Wily Homosexual” “Queer Values in a Global Economy” “Redecorating the International Economy: Keynes, Grant and the Queering of Bretton Woods” and “Stealth Bombers of Desire.”

• Feminist/Womanist/Gendered Theologies: This course is listed as “REL 749.” It is designed, the course description says, “to formulate a robust theological understanding of today’s theopolitical issues” by “using feminist, womanist, and ethnic gendered theologies.” A religious movement focusing on how exactly to liberate African women in America. Drawn from feminist and liberation theology.

• Introduction to Christian Ethics II: Yet another opportunity here in “REL 715″ for Coons to study up on his favorites. Black Liberation Theology guru James Cone is mandatory reading here. Values taught in the reading for a class on Christianity? In God of the Oppressed, Cone salutes the values of Marx in a chapter called “Marx and the Sociology of Knowledge” while also musing about “Jesus is Black and the “Meaning of Liberation.”

We’ve only scratched the surface of Chris Coons’ track record, positions, intent and background. Clearly there is a great deal more to learn about him. Will the media vet him and inform Delaware voters? Probably not, but KeyWiki is vetting him. Go to http://keywiki.org/index.php/Chris_Coons to learn more.

It might also interest Delawareans that Coons lost faith in America’s free market system as a child… long before his trip to Kenya where he said he became a “Bearded Marxist.” You see, his family fell on hard times when he was a pre-teen and his parents divorced. But what Chris Coons fails to mention much is that soon after those tough times, his mother, Sally, re-married when Coons was just 14 years old. Who did she marry? Robert Gore, wealthy Chairman of W.L. Gore & Associates, the Newark-based fabrics-maker.

By 1984, after observing Kenya’s socialistic system, Coons wrote, “I realize that Kenya and America are very different, but experiences like this warned me that my own favorite beliefs in the miracles of free enterprise and the boundless opportunities to be had in America might be largely untrue.” The boundless opportunities to be had n America might be largely untrue? Perhaps Chris Coons decided he needed to ‘transform America.’ What has Coons done to make things better for Delawareans?

As New Castle County’s “top executive.” Chris Coons’ policies led his county to the top spot… with the HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATE of all three Delaware counties.

With 35,300 unemployed Delawareans, voters will need to make a choice.

Do Delawareans want a Senator like Chris Coons who will continue to raise taxes and kill jobs? Do they want a Senator who doesn’t believe in our free-market system and, under his watch, drives his county to the highest unemployment rate in the state? If that’s what they want, Chris Coons is their guy.

But if Delawareans want what 70 to 80% of Americans want – lower taxes, job growth and reduced government spending/waste, then Christine O’Donnell is their gal.

It’s a simple choice and it has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican. It has everything to do with what each candidate will do once they’re elected and we know what Chris Coons will do based on what he’s already done and his stated positions.
The Coons 12: Terrorism, Communist Ties
By Jeffrey Lord 10.5.10
Talk about an inconvenient truth.

12 of the 25 groups endorsing Delaware Democrat Chris Coons for the
United States Senate over Republican Christine O’Donnell have
turned up on the quite official list of the “One Nation
Working Together” rally — as formal co-sponsors with
supporters of the terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas. And, no
kidding, the Communist Party.

Did I mention the Coons 12 are also holding hands with the
International Socialist Organization? Plus the Democratic
Socialists of America?

You read that right.

And Chris Coons is not the only Democrat receiving this
same election support either.

Which groups is Coons accepting endorsements from, knowing
full well the same groups have deliberately and quite publicly tied
themselves to supporters of terrorism, Communism and

That would be these groups:

Communications Workers of America
Planned Parenthood
People for the American Way
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace
Stonewall Democrats
United Food and Commercial Workers International
National Education Association
Human Rights Campaign

All to be found hidden in plain sight on both the official
listing of sponsors provided by the One Nation Working
Together rally organizers listed here
and then over here
as part of the 25 groups endorsing Chris Coons supplied by
the official Coons for Senate website. Twelve of Coons endorsers –
that would be one shy of half — signed onto the recent rally that
listed the Communist Party USA as a co-sponsor. And ANSWER, the
radical supporters of Hezbollah and Hamas. And the International
Socialists. And the Democratic Socialists.

All of this — and not a peep, not one peep — from the
media. CNN’s Howard Kurtz still maintains that Coons’ “Bearded
Marxist” self-description was some sort of college prank that Sean
Hannity somehow got wrong? Hello? Earth to Howard.

Let’s take a look at these groups the Coons campaign
supporters have linked themselves to and which the media simply
isn’t reporting. Let’s see what they believe and what others have
said about them.

• ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End
Here’s what the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has
to say about the charming folks at ANSWER who have been holding
hands with The Coons 12. ANSWER has
“repeatedly expressed support for terrorist groups determined
to dismantle the state of Israel, including Hamas and

Got that? Hamas and Hezbollah. Groups sworn to the
destruction of Israel. Terrorists responsible for who knows how
many repeated and extraordinarily violent and murderous attacks
killing Israeli men, women and children.

If there’s any doubt about this, perhaps the place to
check is the US State Department. The official Hillary Clinton-run
State Department description of these two groups is found
in the section labeled “Background Information on
Foreign Terrorist Organizations Office of the Coordinator for
Counterterrorism.” The State Department confirms the ADL
description of both Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist groups, saying
this in the official bureaucratese of the U.S.

HAMAS (Islamic Resistance Movement) a.k.a. Harakat
al-Muqawama al-Islamiya, Students of Ayyash, Students of the
Engineer, Yahya Ayyash Units, Izz Al-Din Al-Qassim Brigades, Izz
Al-Din Al-Qassim Forces, Izz Al-Din Al-Qassim Battalions, Izz
al-Din Al Qassam Brigades, Izz al-Din Al Qassam Forces, Izz al-Din
Al Qassam Battalions

Description: Formed in
late 1987 as an outgrowth of the Palestinian branch of the Muslim
Brotherhood. Various HAMAS elements have used both political and
violent means, including terrorism, to pursue the goal of
establishing an Islamic Palestinian state in place of Israel.
Loosely structured, with some elements working clandestinely and
others working openly through mosques and social service
institutions to recruit members, raise money, organize activities,
and distribute propaganda. HAMAS’s strength is concentrated in the
Gaza Strip and a few areas of the West Bank. Also has engaged in
peaceful political activity, such as running candidates in West
Bank Chamber of Commerce elections.

Activities: HAMAS
activists, especially those in the Izz el-Din al-Qassam Brigades,
have conducted many attacks–including large-scale suicide
bombings–against Israeli civilian and military targets, suspected
Palestinian collaborators, and Fatah rivals.

Strength: Unknown
number of hardcore members; tens of thousands of supporters and

Location/Area of Operation:
Primarily the occupied territories, Israel, and

External Aid: Receives
funding from Palestinian expatriates, Iran, and private benefactors
in Saudi Arabia and other moderate Arab states. Some fundraising
and propaganda activity take place in Western Europe and North

Having neatly described the reality of Hamas in government
language, the Clinton State Department goes on to describe
Hezbollah (spelled”Hizballah”

Hizballah (Party of God) a.k.a. Islamic Jihad,
Islamic Jihad Organization, Revolutionary Justice Organization,
Organization of the Oppressed on Earth, Islamic Jihad for the
Liberation of Palestine, Organization of Right Against Wrong, Ansar
Allah, Followers of the Prophet Muhammed

Description: Radical
Shia group formed in Lebanon; dedicated to creation of
Iranian-style Islamic republic in Lebanon and removal of all
non-Islamic influences from the area. Strongly anti-West and
anti-Israel. Closely allied with, and often directed by, Iran but
may have conducted operations that were not approved by

Activities: Known or
suspected to have been involved in numerous anti-US terrorist
attacks, including the suicide truck bombing of the US Embassy and
US Marine barracks in Beirut in October 1983 and the US Embassy
annex in Beirut in September 1984. Elements of the group were
responsible for the kidnapping and detention of US and other
Western hostages in Lebanon. The group also attacked the Israeli
Embassy in Argentina in 1992.

Strength: Several

Location/Area of Operation:
Operates in the Bekaa Valley, the southern suburbs of
Beirut, and southern Lebanon. Has established cells in Europe,
Africa, South America, North America, and

External Aid: Receives
substantial amounts of financial, training, weapons, explosives,
political, diplomatic, and organizational aid from Iran and

Charming, no? Those supporting groups that are officially
listed by the U.S. State Department as the killers of U.S. Marines
and kidnappers of American citizens are just the kind of folks you
want to be arm-in-arm with in sponsoring a rally on the steps of
the Lincoln Memorial. Which is exactly what the Coons 12 was doing
this past Saturday.

But hey, no problem here for the Coons 12.
And tellingly, no apparent problem for candidate Coons
himself. Not a whiff of concern has been expressed. None.

And by the way, did you catch this State Department
bureaucratese? In light of the determination to build the
controversial Ground Zero Mosque by a group whose funding is under
the veil, read this State Department sentence describing Hamas
again. I have highlighted one word: “Loosely structured, with
some elements working clandestinely and others working openly
through mosques and social service
institutions to recruit members, raise money, organize activities,
and distribute propaganda.” And who is it that can’t
bring himself to condemn Hamas? That’s right: Imam Feisal Abdul
Rauf, the man behind the Ground Zero Mosque. But I

There’s more. The Coons 12 have also spent their
last Saturday palling around the Mall and its monuments to Lincoln,
Washington and World War II veterans with another fellow co-sponsor
of this just-us-folks rally. That would be:

right. The Coons 12 quite happily signed on to join up at a rally
co-sponsored by the Communist Party. Say that again, the Communist
Party. Communists — the charming folks whose equally charming
beliefs led to a reign of “crimes, terror and repression” resulting
in some 100 million deaths between the Russian revolution in 1917
and the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989. This according
The Black Book of
Communism, the international bestseller from
a few years back whose authors spent considerable time digging into
the bowels of recently opened Soviet archives. The archives
revealed crimes committed by Communist regimes that included — but
were hardly limited — to the following:

- “The execution of tens of thousands of hostages and
prisoners without trial, and the murder of hundreds of thousands of
rebellious workers and (Russian) peasants from

- “The (deliberately organized Russian) famine of 1922,
which caused the deaths of 5 million people.”

- “The murder of tens of thousands in (Russian)
concentration camps from 1918 to 1930.”

- “The liquidation of almost 690,000 people in the
(Russian) Great Purge of 1937-38.”

- “The deportation and extermination of the urban
population in Cambodia from 1975 to 1978.”

The book also says that: “No list of the crimes committed
in the names of Leninism and Stalinism would be complete without
mentioning the virtually identical crimes committed by the regimes
of Mao Zedong (in China) Kim Il Sung (in North Korea) and Pol Pot
According to the New York Times, after “exterminating hundreds of thousands” of landlords Mao’s
regime mass murdered — just between 1959 and 1961 — some 16 to 30
million Chinese peasants.

But over at the Communist Party USA website you won’t find
this kind of information discussed by the quite public ally of the
Coons 12. No. What you will find are discussions with titles
like “The importance of electing pro-Marxists” in which
the Young Communist study guide says: “we need people who are in
government that are going to represent our demands.” Then
there’s the talk about “Marxist Strategy and Tactics: Moving
the Struggle Forward“ and “When Will America Be Ripe for
Socialism?” This question is answered here
and ends with this warning to capitalism: “Repent, for the
end is near.” Did I forget the laudatory hymns to Castro, Hugo
Chavez and Che Guevara?

Then there’s this interesting group that signed up as an
ally with Chris Coons’ friends:

These folks? Ah, the Coons 12 has linked itself up in this case
with revolutionaries who believe in replacing capitalism with
socialism. A trip to their
website and you may behold the spirit of the
clenched Red fist enthusing about Marx, Lenin, and the need to rid
the world of capitalism.

people believe that the best means to their socialist ends is, and
this is a direct quote here, “…in Democratic Party primaries in
support of candidates who represent a broad progressive coalition.
In such instances, democratic socialists will support coalitional
campaigns based on labor, women, people of color and other
potentially anti-corporate elements… Electoral tactics are only a
means for democratic socialists; the building of a powerful
anti-corporate coalition is the end.” But of course. Getting
rid of capitalism. Just the agenda for supporters of the
self-described “Bearded Marxist.”

This ring a bell? Yes indeed, this is
the self-same group co-founded by now ex-Obama White House “Green
Jobs Czar” Van Jones — the self-described Communist and
Truther. Enough said.

So what do we have here?

First, does anyone still believe the Coons 12 are
supporting Chris Coons because they think the candidate famously
self-described as the “Bearded Marxist” was really joking about his

What we have here is a big, collective media yawn at the
notion there’s anything wrong with support for terrorist groups,
Hamas and Hezbollah in particular. This translates into support for
issues like building the Ground Zero Mosque — supporters oblivious
to any potential problem in dealing with an Imam who can’t bring
himself to condemn Hamas even when our own State Department is
describing the group as a terrorist organization..

What we also have here is another big, collective media
yawn at giving Communists, socialists, and Marxists a pass. Sure,
sure, sure. There’s that mass murder and totalitarian thing that
goes on with these people, the devotion to a philosophy that
relentlessly impoverishes entire populations when it isn’t busy
murdering them. But hey. Christine O’Donnell is out of the
mainstream, don’t you know?

The real and troubling meaning behind the Coons 12 and
their ties with these seriously extremist groups is that the
Obama-era has made these beliefs somehow “respectable” –
mainstream. Just no big deal.

Yet if you accept support from one group after another
quite deliberately and publicly allied on the record with
supporters of terrorists, Communists, and socialists — oh well, no
big deal.

Who else out there in the world of Democrats running for
office has accepted support from the groups composing the Coons 12?
A partial list of candidates – say again, a partial list –
would include:

• Harry Reid in Nevada
• Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania
• Barbara Boxer in California
• Patty Murray in Washington
• Richard Blumenthal in Connecticut
• Michael Bennet in Colorado
• Alexi Giannoulias in Illinois
• Kendrick Meek in Florida
• Jack Conway in Kentucky
• Russ Feingold in Wisconsin
• Kirsten Gillibrand in New York

This doesn’t even touch House races and governor contests
from one end of the country to the other.

Are Democrats endorsed by groups openly rallying with
supporters of Hamas? Hezbollah? Communists? Socialists?

Yawn. No problem. None. And that is a problem. A big one.

You might even call the Coons 12 and the other candidates
they support by a different name altogether:

The real Obama Legacy. Scary, isn’t it?

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