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US Taxpayer pay to build Mosques overseas

Dear Americans: While you are out of work your Hope and Change has spent 26 Million Dollars you got up every day to earn and has now been given away to Foreign Countries.

Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation

Since its creation by the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation has provided financial support to more than 640 cultural preservation projects in more than 100 countries. This accomplishment, now 10 years in the making, represents a contribution of nearly $26 million towards the preservation of cultural heritage worldwide. More importantly, it shows the depth of our nation’s respect for the cultural heritage of other countries.

Here is the list of Mosque projects via
Project Title: Country: Project Description:
Restoration of the 17th century Mullah Mahmud Mosque Afghanistan Funds are for the preservation and restoration of the 17th century Mullah Mahmud Mosque, a rare surviving example of late Mughal vernacular architecture. The site was heavily damaged during the internecine fighting between rival militias in 1992-1996. Funds will be used for documentation, restoration, conservation plastering and painting.$33,310

Restoration of the Kurshum Mosque Bulgaria To support the restoration of the Kurshum Mosque in Silistra. Although it is located in the center of town, damage has been caused by centuries of neglect and earthquakes. The mosque was built in the 17th century when Silistra was an important port city on the Danube River ruled by the Ottoman Empire. $31,931

Restoration of the Southern Section of the Bazaar Masjid Wazir Khan, Lahore Pakistan To support the restoration of the bazaar area at the entrance of the Wazir Khan Mosque. Built in 1634-45, the bazaar and adjacent mosque are prime examples of Mughal era architecture. The mosque was built by the governor of Lahore during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan who built the Taj Mahal. The mosque incorporated all the building arts from brick and stone work to tile and fresco. $31,015

Preservation of the Mosque in Gao Mali To support the preservation of the remaining fragments of the mosque built in 1324 by manding Emperor Kankou Moussa following his pilgrimage to Mecca. The mosque was designed by Andalusian architect Es Sahali, testimony of the exchange between the Sudan and the Mediterranean regions. The project includes the construction of a protective shelter, the installation of interpretative site information and publication of a brochure about the site’s history. $24,000

Preservation of the Aladza Mosque, Foca Bosnia & Herzegovina To support the documentation of the site and architectural fragments of Aladza Mosque. The mosque was built in 1550 representing the classical Ottoman style and is known for its decorative stone fittings. In 1992, the mosque was completely destroyed and architectural fragments were deposited into two mass graves. The peices will be returned to the original site, cleaned and registered. $24,125

Protection of the Mosque and Madrasa of Mehmed-Pasa Kukavica, Foca Bosnia & Herzegovina To support the preservationof the mosque and madrasa in order to stop further deterioration. The project will erect a fence around the complex, clean fragments of the structure, and construct a wooden shelter over the remains in situ. The mosque was built in 1751, the last one built in Foca, toward the end of the Ottoman Empire. In 1992, the mosque was dynamited and subsequently set on fire. In 2002, the dome collapsed. It was the only mosque in Serbian Territory whose remnants were not removed from the site after it was destroyed. $24,700

Restoration of the Cathedral of St. Stephen in Shkoder Castle Albania To support the restoration of an important northern Albanian monument, located within the walls of Shkoder castle. The site is at risk due to the age and size of the structure. Construction on St. Stephen’s Cathedral began in the 13th century under Serb rule. As the country shifted from a Christian to a Muslim poupulation, the Cathedral was converted into a Mosque in the late 15th century, and abandoned in the 18th century. Restoration efforts in the 1980′s consolidated the original church structure as well as additions from the 15th century conversion. $30,000

Emergency Stabilization of the Mosque of Aslam Al-Silahdar, Midan Aslam, al-Darb al-Ahmar, Islamic Cairo Egypt To support immediate preservation measures of the mosque to prevent further deterioration. Th Aslam Al-Silahdar mosque was constructed in 1344 A.D. during the Mamluk period. The building is remarkable for the tile work done by Iranian craftsmen who were briefly in Cairo during the 14th century. It is located adjacent to one of the entrances of the newly completed al-Azhar Park and its restoration will help to boost local businesses. $71,000

Restoration of the Ben Moussa Kuttab in the Medina of Tunis Tunisia To support the restoration of the Ben Moussa Kuttab built in the 19th century. The Kuttab was originally a Koranic school attached to a mosque, but was taken over by the state and now serves secular purposes as a pre-school. An essential element of the Medina, originally there were 137 throughout the Medina and today only sixty remain. $40,000

Restoration and Conservation of Eid Mosque, Male Maldives To support the preservation of the Eid Mosque. It is deteriorating due to lack of maintenance and abuse from the elements, a condition worsened by the recent tsunami (December, 2004.) The project includes a survey, photo documentation, restoration, management plan, and scope for continued maintenance. The Eid Mosque was built in the 18th century and is one of the few remaining traditional timber and coral stone mosques. $22,000

Roof Renovations of the Central Grand Mosque of Porto-Novo Benin Funds are for the renovation of the Central Grand Mosque of Porto-Novo, the political capital of the Republic of Benin. The construction of this mosque goes back to 1920. This building represents one of the rare examples of Afro-Brazilian architectural in West Africa. $25,345

Restoration of the Mosque and Library of Osman Pazvantoglu Complex in Vidin Bulgaria Funds are awarded for the preservation of the mosque and library of Pazvantoglu. The complex was constructed in 1801-1802 to commemorate Osman Pazvantoglu, a well-known Turkish feudal lord from the end of the 7th to the middle of the 8th century AD. $25,000

Amiriya Madrasa/Mosque Restoration Project Yemen The Amiriya Madrasa, completed in 1504, is one of the most important Islamic monuments in Yemen. Funds were used for preserving the unique mural paintings and the training of Yemeni professionals in conservation, site management and painting restoration. $24,945

Mohabat Khan Mosque Preservation Project Pakistan Built in 1670 the Mosque Mohabat Khan is one of the few remaining masterpieces of Mughol architecture. Funds are awarded for restoration and conservation of this important structure suffering from neglect. $14,446

Repair, Restoration and Rehabilitation of the Historic Bagh E Babur Gardens Afghanistan Funds are awarded for the preservation and restoration of the 16th century shrine and gardens dedicated to the Mogul Emperor Babur. Babur, descendant of Genghis Khan, enamored with Persian gardens ordered the construction of the site in Kabul. Funds will be used for the rehabilitation of the shrine, the mosque and the garden. $37,000

Annau’s Dragon Mosque Turkmenistan The Governments of Turkmenistan and the United States are cooperating in a restoration project at the 15th century Seit Jemmalatdin Mosque in Annau. Local archeologists and historians are reconstructing the unique mosaic tile of the mosque, building tourist walkways and strengthening the foundation of the ruins. $14,500

Restoration of the Shumba and Micheweni Historical Mosques in Pemba Tanzania To support the restoration of two mosques that date from the mid-17th to early 18th century on the island of Pemba. The mosques contain unique features combining Swahili and Persian architecture. They have fallen into disrepair from the harsh climate and lack of maintenance. $25,589

Documentation of Historic Buildings in Uganda Uganda To support the documentation of historic buildings in five districts in Uganda. The immovable objects to be surveyed include cultural sites, unique architectural designs, cathedrals, Hindu temples, mosques, state buildings and ancestral homes. The documentation will serve to inform the creation of new legislation to protect historic sites.

Restoration of Altun Alem Mekhteb in Novi Pazar, Southern Serbia Serbia & Montenegro To support the restoration of a school built in the 16th century. Constructed by the Ottoman architect, Muslihudin Abdulgani, this school and adjacent mosque are the oldest Islamic buildings in the region. Once restored, the schoolhouse will be a gathering place for students in the area. $50,000

Ferhadija Mosque in Banja Luka Bosnia & Herzegovina To support the documentation of the Ferhadija Mosque complex. Built during the Ottoman era, the 16th century mosque, fountain, mausolea, and surrounding wall were razed in 1993 and all of the material was removed from the site. The project would collect, clean, and return architectural fragments to the original site, document and register the fragments. $60,600

Restoration of the El Pacha Mosque in Oran Algeria To support the stabilization of El Pacha Mosque in Oran, built in 1796, to celebrate the return of Oran to the Ottoman Empire after 300 years of Spanish rule. The project will consolidate the foundation and retaining walls of the building which have been weakened due to water damage. Full restoration of the unique architectural details of the Mosque will follow this consolidation project. $106,110

Documentation of Kaole Ruins in Bagamoyo Tanzania To help document the remains of two mosques, the older of which dates from the third century, and update and reprint the guidebook to these sites and their associated ruins. The two mosques, which combine Swahili and Persian (Shirazi) design, are an extremely important aspect of the cultural heritage of the area. $20,850

Restoration and Conservation of Gala Village Mosque Azerbaijan To support the conservation and partial restoration of a mosque dating from the 17th and 18th centuries and the remains of an older defensive tower nearby. The structures, located in a harsh environment, are in serious need of preservation. The project will also support new archaeological research to advance historical understanding of the area. $38,650

Restoration and Conservation of the Shadrvan (Fountain) of the Old Mosque in Pljevlja Montenegro To support the restoration of a fountain at a 16th-century mosque concurrent with the restoration of the mosque itself. Used for ritual ablutions before prayer, the fountain has deteriorated over time and needs a new wooden octagonal roof, pipes, water-taps, and pavement. $30,071

Preservation and Documentation of St. Mary’s Church and St. Luke’s Bell Tower in Jajce Bosnia & Herzegovina To help preserve the remains of a church and bell tower dating from the 12th and 13th centuries and to process, complete, and publish archaeological documentation on the site. The site became a mosque in the 16th century and endures as a symbol of shared heritage. $29,515

Restoration of the 19th-century Goldasta Mosque in Kabul Afghanistan To restore a late 19th-century mosque in Kabul’s old city. Heavily damaged in 1993, the mosque is one of several interrelated restoration projects in the area to train a new generation of craftsmen. The project includes a number of internships for students of architecture and support for an audiovisual documentary on the restoration of the mosque. $82,700

Preservation of the 9th-century Shir-Kebir (Mashad Ata) Mosque Turkmenistan To restore the Mashad-Ata Mosque, the oldest extant mosque in Turkmenistan, a popular pilgrimage destination, and a unique example of pre-Mongol Islamic architecture of the 9th and 10th centuries. The mosque’s central dome is near collapse, endangering the entire structure. The project includes an archaeological survey prior to restoration and a conservation training component for students. $33,100

Restoration of the 14th-century Mosque of Old Dongola Sudan To restore a 14th-century mosque in northern Sudan. Begun in the 9th century as a church, the building served as a mosque until 1969, when it fell into disrepair. The project includes test excavations and the partial restoration of the interior. $33,455

Restoration of the 18th-century Kizimkazi Mosque Tanzania To restore the Kizimkazi Mosque on the island of Zanzibar, one of the oldest Islamic buildings on the east African coast. Rebuilt in the 18th century, the mosque retains elements that date to its establishment in the 12th century and is renowned for its distinctive design and inscriptions. Still in active use, the mosque is in need of structural repairs. $21,500

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