Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama Economic Plan is Working...

President's Economic Plan is Working...

...Redistributing money from one group (small business owners, taxpayers and job creators) to hand it to your Democratic voters doesn’t improve GDP or create jobs, it destroys them.
Extending jobless benefits endlessly doesn’t create jobs. It guarantees that those who pay the bill (small business owners) will not create a single job, while those receiving the benefits have no urgency to look for one.
Handing billions of dollars out in “stimulus” and bailouts to government employee unions and Democratic campaign contributors doesn’t fix an economy. It just makes millionaires out of your cronies.
Spending $26 billion to protect government employee union jobs doesn’t help the economy recover. It just adds $26 billion more to the national debt, and makes our children’s future even bleaker.
Asking the Fed to create endless fake debt-based money has never created a single real job.
The largest tax increase in history that takes effect on Jan. 1 will not increase tax revenues, it will cause small business failures, lower consumer spending, and put millions more in the unemployment line.
The financial reform bill demanding “affirmative action” loans to minority small businesses puts the entire economy at risk. Isn’t this the same requirement Congress imposed on banks that resulted in subprime home loans leading to the collapse of the real estate market?
The multitrillion dollar Universal Healthcare bill won’t help the economy recover, but it will raise all of our healthcare costs and taxes. The cap and trade bill they so desperately want to pass will double or triple our utility and gas bills. The moratorium on oil drilling has cost 100,000 jobs...


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