Sunday, August 29, 2010

Go to Glenn Beck's for true info on his event

After reading the post on: I felt that posting the Media Q and A's on Glenn's website would be helpful in providing more information.

Restoring Honor
faq for media

What is The Restoring Honor
Throughout history America
has seen many great leaders
and noteworthy citizens change
her course. It is through their
personal virtues and by their
example that we are able to
live as a free people. On August
28, come celebrate America by
honoring our heroes, our heritage
and our future.
Join the Special Operations
Warrior Foundation, Glenn Beck,
Sarah Palin and many more
for this non-political event that
pays tribute to America’s service
personnel and other upstanding
citizens who embody our nation’s
founding principles of integrity,
truth and honor.
Our freedom is possible only
if we remain virtuous. Help us
restore the values that founded
this great nation. On August,
28th, come join us in our pledge
to restore honor at the steps
of the Lincoln Memorial in
Washington DC.
Isn’t this just a tea party rally
disguised as something about
No. The Tea Party isn’t affiliated
with the rally or SOWF in any
way. This is a non-political event.
Wait--this isn’t political?
Nope. We’ve discussed this
endlessly too. Not only is the
event non-political, we have
continuously encouraged those
attending to avoid bringing
political signs, political flyers, “I
heart the RNC” t-shirts and other
similar partisan paraphernalia.
There are plenty of opportunities
to talk about politics. This isn’t
one of them.
How much money are you
making off this?
None. In what might come as
a shock to our critics, all net
proceeds of 8/28 merchandise
and money raised through the
online charity auction, mail in
donations or online donations
go to SOWF. All contributions
will first be applied to the costs
of the Restoring Honor Rally
taking place on August 28, 2010,
as has been discussed endlessly
on the air. All contributions in
excess of these costs will then
be retained by the SOWF. It is
not possible to make a donation
in any of the above ways without
being told this first. In other
words, the process is normal and
similar to many events that also
benefit charity or as the Better
Business Bureau described it –
If you would like to donate to their cause go to:
and follow the links.

No, really, how much?
You already asked that. Zero.
Why is it happening on the
anniversary of Martin Luther
King’s “I have a dream”
We were targeting a Saturday
close to 9/12, and 8/28 just
wound up being the open date
that made the most sense to
various schedules that needed
to be coordinated. We didn’t
realize that the date was the
same as the MLK anniversary
until the media reported
it. However, it’s a perfect fit.
Martin Luther King’s message
of focusing on the content of a
person’s character above all else
is one of the most important and
direct ways to restore honor. We
are honored to welcome MLK’s
niece Alveda King as a featured
speaker at the event to discuss
this important concept.

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation currently has 133
students enrolled in colleges and universities across the country.
Last year, the Foundation provided $2.7 million in scholarship
grants, academic, financial aid, and family support to our families.
In 2009, the Foundation provided $311,000 in financial assistance
to severely wounded (hospitalized) special operations
personnel so their families could be bedside. To date, we have
provided over One Million Dollars to wounded Special
Operations warriors.
Total number of Special Operations Forces (SOF) casualties since
1980: 721
Total number of children in our program since 1980: 836
Total number of SOF casualties since 9/11/2001: 388
Total number of children left behind from SOF casualties
since 9/11: 441
Total number of SOWF college graduates: 158
Last year, America lost 46 Special Operations personnel… compared
to an average of 15 SOF casualties prior to Sept. 2001.

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