Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our Children are now salves to Chinese Labor Camp Laogia

You thought the politicians you supported and defended cared about the issues you do. Then you began to realize you were wrong - they only care about themselves and their careers.

America has let thieves into her home and that nagging in your gut is a final warning that our country is about to be stolen.

You have worked hard for what you have. You go to bed exhausted each night, knowing you have to get up the next day and do it all over again.

While you worked hard and saved your money, those who did the opposite are now being bailed out at your expense. We have elected people into office that we wouldn't invite into our homes for dinner, let alone leave our children in their care. Yet, we leave our country and our children's future alone in their care. Why? What are we thinking?

Open your eyes! These people are robbing us blind. The people we have elected have set our house on fire all the while telling us they are the fire department. When will you realize you must think of not the present but of the future of this nation and your children and vote these arsonists out. Vote them out! The elected office should NOT BE A CAREER.

We work hard, play by the rules and we are tired of being angry, tired of being lied to, and, frankly tired of being tired.

We are the current guardians of freedom and it is now our duty to face the truth and do the right thing - no matter the personal cost.

1. Do you trust those in power to tell the truth - expecially if it would hurt them at election time?

2. How is it possible that ever president since Carter promised to lower dependence on foreign oil, but now we import more oil than ever from countries that would do us harm?

3. Are we to believe that a country that could take the idea of having an American walk on the moon and turn it into reality within eight years could not build a 670 mile fence on our southern border since 2005?

4. Do you believe you elected representative see your face when they vote or those faces who richly contribute to their campaigns? Vote them out!

Honest debates will pull back the curtain on the scam they've done. Passing a ten-thousand-page bill before it is even read or move quickly under cover of darkness to further themselves not thinking of you or your money they spend freely after you have worked so hard for it.

These parasites have fed undetected for years, but our present economic crisis has laid bare just how badly the members of our political elite - career politicians - have squandered our wealth while failing to prepare us for rough times. Now, the true extent of their looting of the national treasury and pillaging of our paychecks has been exposed!

Unfortunately, our financial security is directly related to our national security. What our elected congressmen and senators have done to us and the country we love is borderline treasonous. We trusted them and this is what happened. WELL NO MORE... Vote them out!!!

Each of us know that debt should be avoided and we have lived within our means hoping to give our children a better life.

Thomas Jefferson knew that govenment debt was unacceptable because it makes your children responsible to pay for what you bought. They have effectively branded our children as future slaves to our creditors (Chinese Labor Camps or LAOGIA).

WELL NOT MY KID...I am voting these crooks out!

Our elected officials forced us into economic servitude. It is our fault. We kept electing them term after term. We are past Democrat or Republican party. It is NOW ALL ABOUT SAVING THIS NATION. Vote them out!

Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me for seventy years and bill me $100 trillion while I sit by and accept more of the same? Then shame on all of us for being ignorant and powerless Americans.

Samuel Adams said: Those who perfer the "tranquility of servitude" had best be prepared to "crouch down and lick the hands which feed you."

May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!"

Info from Glenn Beck's Common Sense book.

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