Sunday, September 26, 2010

Da Gunny says: Vote Sean Bielat for Congress
Da Gunny says: Vote Sean Bielat for Congress
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Economic Growth and Job Creation

Basic economic theory shows that government spending can, if targeted correctly, provide some positive economic outcomes. Unfortunately, it is beyond the powers of economists to forecast how much spending is enough or how much spending is too much. Stimulus spending under this Administration and Congress has put politics over policy, and the result has been handouts to special interests, inefficient spending, and far too much debt.

Real economic growth is driven by businesses working to compete and grow in the free market. Government cannot create jobs (aside from government jobs); only business can create jobs and sustainable economic growth. We need policies that enable small businesses to thrive and large businesses to grow and hire more employees. Reducing the burden of corporate income tax rates, employer mandates, and unnecessary regulation will create the conditions for businesses and the economy to grow.

Unfortunately policies are set by politicians and bureaucrats who far too often have never had to answer to shareholders, never struggled to meet a payroll, and never worked to grow a business. We need to revisit the current regulatory burden and reduce it wherever practical. At the same time, we need to return capital to businesses and individuals to spur job creation, innovation, and investment in future growth.

It’s time to elect leaders who bring a business mindset to Washington.

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