Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Voters need to look at their candidate before going into the voters booth

The big question is:  Are you better off than you were and Do you feel safer? 

Senator Kay Hagan became famous as one of Obamacare’s chief Democrat proponents.
She even went out of her way to promise the good people of the Tar Heel State that they could keep their current healthcare plans… if they liked them.  She made this stunning promise at least 24 separate times.

After a debate with Republican challenger Thom Tillis Tuesday night, Sen. Kay Hagan (D- N.C.) admitted during a press conference she skipped a classified Senate hearing on the threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) to attend a fundraiser.
 U.S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes
Grimes' pro-Coal campaign is all part of the "lying game," one Democratic operative confides. A staffer in the candidate's Lexington campaign office agrees: "She’s saying something positive about coal because she wants to be elected...And in the state of Kentucky, if you are anti-coal, you will not get elected, period, end of conversation.”  What's striking about the tone and content of these comments is that these supporters aren't disappointed in Grimes; they're thrilled that she's lying to the electorate in order to get elected.  "Once she gets in," another campaign organizer explains, Grimes will be "more realistic" about coal.  And there's the rub: Say whatever must be said to bamboozle voters, then fall in line with your ideological brethren once you get to DC.  It's the "moderate Democrat" way.  When the chips are down and the stakes are highest, they do what they're told because they're Statists at heart.  Thus emerges a major difference between the Republican and Democratic bases.
Top Grimes donor on coal industry: “She’s going to f**k ‘em as soon as she gets elected”
October 7, 2014 | Joe Schoffstall        
Yesterday, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action released a video showing campaign staffers of  U.S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes admitting she’s deceiving voters on her energy plan. They promised if she were elected, she’d destroy the coal industry in Kentucky despite publicly “supporting” it.
Now, a newly released second video shows a real estate mogul and top donor to Democrats saying, “She’s going to f**k em as soon as she gets elected.”
“Investigators secretly record video at Grimes fundraising event attended by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, real estate tycoon Niko Elmaleh and New York Knicks owner James Dolan at a swanky NY restaurant,” writes Project Veritas.
“She will do what she has to do to get elected then “f**k” the coal industry says major donor.”

Here is a partial transcript between the Project Veritas undercover reporter and Niko Elmaleh.
PV: And you think Alison will help us get rid of coal?
Niko Elmaleh: Absolutely.
PV: Yes? But she doesn’t say it.
Niko Elmaleh: It’s not about talking.
PV: She’s got to get elected.
Niko Elmaleh: It’s about doing it.
PV: It’s not about talking about it. It’s about doing it.
Niko Elmaleh: Hey, you want to talk about it or you want to do it?
PV: Do it.
VO: This Grimes campaign insider has no doubts about who the real Allison Grimes is and what she believes.
PV: So you know that Alison will help us stop coal?
Niko Elmaleh: Come on Dude. What do you think?
PV: I think yes, but I haven’t heard it straight up.
Niko Elmaleh: She can’t say it straight up.
PV: She supports big coal.
Niko Elmaleh: No. She’s going to f**k ‘em as soon as she gets elected.
PV: Really?
Niko Elmaleh: Yeah. Take my word for it. Here. Take my word for it.
Niko Elmaleh: She’s going to have to do what she has to do to get elected and then she’s going to fuck them.
Niko Elmaleh: Okay trust me. She’s a killer.
VO: This is just one of our investigations looking at the upcoming election. Project Veritas will leave no stone unturned…no matter how nasty a creature we uncover by doing so.
PV: She supports big coal.
Niko Elmaleh: No. She’s going to f**k ‘em as soon as she gets elected.

Barack Obama will be on his way out in two years but, if he can appoint enough federal judges who share his contempt for the Constitution's limits on federal government power in general, and presidential powers in particular, then the United States of America can continue on the path to decline, even after Obama has left the White House.

President Obama understands how high the stakes are, which is why he is out fundraising all across the country -- seemingly all the time -- even though he has no more elections to face himself. Obama came to power saying that he was going to fundamentally change the United States of America -- and he intends to do it, even after he is gone, by giving lifetime appointments as federal judges to people who share his view that this country's institutions and values are fundamentally wrong, and need to be scrapped and replaced by his far left vision.

If only Obama's critics and opponents understood this momentous issue as clearly as he does!
The issue is whether "we the people," as designated by the Constitution, continue free to live our own lives as we see fit, and to determine what laws and policies we want to live under.

President Obama's vision is very different. In his vision, our betters in Washington shall simply order us to live as they want us to live -- telling us what medical insurance we can have, what doctors we can go to, what political groups shall be favored by the Internal Revenue Service, with more of the same coming in the years ahead, long after Obama has left the White House.

Critics who deplore President Obama's foreign policies in general, and his weak response to the ISIS threat in particular, as showing incompetence -- and who see his incessant fundraising as just a weird distraction -- fail to understand how different his priorities are from theirs.

Barack Obama understands clearly that his ability to fundamentally remake what he has long seen as a deeply defective and corrupt America in the image of his far left vision depends crucially on having control of the Senate that has the power to confirm his appointments of federal judges with lifetime tenure. His fundraising is key to maintaining the Democrats' Senate majority.

Foreign policy is subordinated to Obama's overriding ideological vision. The president will not risk losing this year's Congressional elections by taking military actions that will alienate his political base. Token military actions can minimize the political losses from other voters.

That people will die while he stalls on military action is a price he is willing to pay. His ordering thousands of American troops into Ebola-infested Liberia shows the same ideologically driven callousness.

The big question is whether those who wish to preserve a free America see the issue and the stakes equally as clearly as Barack Obama does -- and see that this is the overriding national issue of our time, with our votes for Senators not to be confused by local issues.
U.S. stocks on Monday fell for a third session, with the S&P 500 closing below its 200-day moving average and the Nasdaq Composite off 8.6 percent from its September record, as investors awaited earnings and fretted signs of a slowing global economy.
S&P 5001874.74

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