Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Obama’s legacy - progressive dream of socialized medicine ended

Obamacare, designed to fail, is failing too soon
"HOUSTON, October 25, 2013  President Obama’s legacy may include a stake in the heart of a cherished dream of the progressive left: complete government control of healthcare in America." 
."..If Obamacare dies an early and spectacular failure, it will be at least another 100 years before the American people will consider government-run healthcare again. This is why Obama will fight tooth and nail to impose this lead balloon on the American people.

Obama’s progressive “fundamental transformation” of this country was to revolve around a single-payer, government run and controlled healthcare system. He realized that he would have to sell a Trojan Horse to the American people; America would not stand for an immediate and open takeover of 1/6th of the economy.

"The rollout and website were such huge failures up front that even the old and sick who will tolerate the massive inconvenience of dealing with bureaucrats for endless hours can’t buy coverage. Private insurers will only go out of business if the sick can sign up and the healthy don’t.

More importantly, the American people were always supposed to blame this catastrophe on the private insurers, not the government. The problem is that the American people are not stupid: they see that a $634 million website run by the government that cannot even link a consumer to a private insurer’s webpage is the fault of the government."

"...The rollout has been such a magnificent failure that every Democratic senator up for re-election in 2014 has demanded a full one year delay of the heart and soul of the law, the individual mandate.

...President Obama may have just done what Republicans and constitutionalists have been unable to do for over a century: break the back of the progressive dream of socialized medicine in America for good.

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