Friday, October 28, 2011

Taxpayer Money to Finland America have you had enough yet.

Energy Department approved loan to build Electric Cars In FinlandOn top of all that, this car that cost nearly a hundred thousand dollars ends up getting less gas millage than an SUV. So why is American Taxpayer money going to build cars in Finland when the unemployment rate in the states is 9.1%? As The Obama Administration.

Obama's Dogma gets run over by a Finnish Karma - Photo- Fox News
The Department of Energy is standing by a $529 million loan guarantee to a company building an electric car line in Finland.

A department official, in a lengthy response posted on a government blog Thursday night, confirmed that the company Fisker is assembling its Karma electric car at its “overseas facility.”

The response comes after ABC News reported that the Obama administration gave the green light for the company to move the manufacturing to Finland two years after announcing the loan.

But Energy Department spokesman Dan Leistikow said none of the U.S. loan money contributed to the production work in Finland.

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