Saturday, July 30, 2011

Democrates with Obama want to cut defense again

Obama like Clinton wants to cut Defense
Clinton Defense Budget Cuts Into Troops, Ships

President Clinton, unveiling his first military spending plan Friday, sent Congress a $263.4-billion defense budget for fiscal 1994 that would reduce troop strength to a level not seen since the Korean War but would keep most major weapons systems intact.

According to documents to be formally released at the Pentagon today, Clinton recommended spending $12 billion less than former President George Bush had proposed for next year, the first installment in a plan to spend $88 billion less for defense over the next four years than the Republican Administration had recommended.

.....The budget would reduce troop strength by 108,000 from its current level of 1,775,000 and mark the start of a major reduction for the Navy by retiring 28 active warships, including one aircraft carrier and two reserve vessels.

The budget also would trim the number of Army active divisions from 14 to 12 and reduce Air Force fighter wings from 28 to 24.

Those proposals are expected to meet resistance from Congress and some military leaders, who have said they fear that Clinton's plan will leave U.S. forces ill-trained and too small to contend with the range of commitments the nation has made.

Gen. Colin L. Powell, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has argued that the Administration's approach in designing future forces is "fundamentally flawed" and that "the forces and capabilities it proposes are unbalanced."

Pentagon's Proposed Retreat
Here is the impact of the President's military plan: Total National Defense Spending 1994: $263.4 billion 1998: $253.9 billion

Current Proposed Active Army divisions 14 12 Navy battle forces* 443 413 Air Force fighter wings 28 24 Bombers 201 191 ICBMs 787 667
* ships and aircraft Source: Department of Defense

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