Thursday, September 10, 2009

ACORN Corruption

Glenn Beck Reports on ACORN Corruption
September 10, 2009 - 13:43 ET
ACORN Baltimore Prostitution Investigation
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GLENN: Here is the story. Pat, where do we start on the audio? You've been going on the audio. PAT: We start with the ACORN helper, the worker searching for tax code to somehow legally label because the man and his girlfriend come in and she's obviously a prostitute, or at least they're posing as a guy and his girlfriend prostitute and they run this business and they're looking for housing. GLENN: Right. PAT: With ACORN. GLENN: She has to live on a boat and turn her tricks on this boat and she would like a house. But they talk about how everybody is discriminating against them because prostitution is illegal. PAT: They have been everywhere. GLENN: They have been everywhere. PAT: And there's too much prejudice. GLENN: The banks won't take their money. They can't get a loan for a house and so they go to ACORN because they want ACORN's help, your tax dollars, to help them buy a house for prostitution. So here's the beginning. Hidden camera and microphone. Wait until you see the video tonight on television. Here it is. VOICE: The type of businesses okay. The type of business or service you provide, let me make sure there's a code for it, okay? VOICE: A code for prostitution? GLENN: Got it? This is an accountant. This is a woman who, first they walk in and they have this one woman sitting at a table and they say, hey, look, we want a house. And, you know, they explain the whole problem. He says, let me go get our accountant. She says, let me go get our accountant because our accountant, she's a genius. She can make everything okay. So she walks in and she's, let me see if there's a code for what you do, for your taxes. And he says play it again from the beginning. He says, for prostitution? VOICE: The type of businesses okay. The type of business or service you provide. Let me make sure there's a code for it, okay? VOICE: A code for prostitution? VOICE: Well, yeah. Because we have to I have to have a name and a code number. VOICE: Well, I don't know that there will be a code number. VOICE: But I'm going to look in there. I'm going to get my list. VOICE: Okay. PAT: Yeah, there's no code for prostitution obviously. GLENN: But she's going to get a list and see if she can find what does fit. Gang, we are seeing the beginning of the end. Now, let me warn you on something. The arrows are going to come fast and furious. The attempt to destroy me and people like me is going to be of biblical proportions, but I have told you before, prepare to see great and mighty miracles. You stand fast. You stand fast. You must learn this information because you must prepare to be the only voice speaking out. She goes and she says, I need to get my book. I need to go get the tax book, the tax code so we can find what is happening. PAT: Given who wrote the tax book, I'm surprised there's not a code for prostitution frankly. I mean, why don't they have a why don't they have a code. GLENN: I don't know. PAT: That's just GLENN: They are just trying to help people out here, Pat. Let's not get distracted. PAT: I know. GLENN: Now, does she come back with a tax book? PAT: She comes back and the girl she's still searching and the girl asks about what kind of loans they give and so she gets a little advice from the worker. VOICE: I know you guys offer housing and loans and stuff, but would you would they be in safe neighborhoods or would there I mean VOICE: First of all, you've been looking for your own house. What's your you are buyer ready. VOICE: Yeah. VOICE: The good thing is you'll get your house where you want to live at. VOICE: Okay. VOICE: And I'll tell you do not ever, ever, where ever you live and be proud of it. GLENN: Stop for VOICE: You are 19 years old. Be proud of it. GLENN: Be proud of prostitution. No matter what you do, be proud of it. She is a prostitution with a big shower curtain ring earrings and everything else. You just be proud of it. You go buy your house where you want to buy your house. Okay? PAT: Nothing wrong with a bordello in any neighborhood. GLENN: In any neighborhood. Who wouldn't be proud to have a bordello right next to you, okay? She's just a hard working 19 year old girl, selling herself for sex. All right. Go ahead. PAT: Okay. So then so it goes on a little bit but then there's I think this is the guy asking about, can't we name it something else? They're trying to figure out they are still trying to work on the code and they are trying to figure out where to go with it. And is there any way around paying the taxes. VOICE: Okay. Let's see what we got here. Combination food, service and drink... (mumbling). Correction agencies, credit bureaus. GLENN: They are just looking for VOICE: We'll probably have to name it something else. PAT: Other than prostitution. VOICE: In order for you to file a return for the business VOICE: What's a return? VOICE: A tax return. In order for you to file a tax return, you have to VOICE: So I'm returning the taxes to the government? VOICE: No. You are going to have to pay taxes on the money you make. PAT: See, the girl's a prostitute since she was 13. GLENN: She doesn't file taxes yet. PAT: She's not real hip to it. VOICE: Is there any way around that, though? VOICE: Yeah. Don't file. I mean

GLENN: Stop. So you know, I have an attorney and Judge Andrew Napolitano who has gone over this tape with me last night and we are compiling the charges and how long these people should go to prison for. But I want you to know, what did you just hear? Is there any way around paying taxes? ACORN receiving your tax dollars says, sure; don't file. As if, that's fine, that's an option. You got that option. I mean, why not? Be proud of it. You are already a prostitute. Why not evade income tax as well.

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