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Herman’s Weekly Commentary

Liberals’ Health Care SIN August 24, 2009By Herman Cain
When Rep. Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) was asked a question at a town hall meeting last week about runaway federal spending, he shifted the subject to the cost of the war in Iraq (that’s also a Blame Bush move). When a lady asked him about the Democrats’ health care proposal he asked the lady “On what planet do you spend most of your time?”
In a recent interview on ABC, Sen. Arlen Specter repeated his view that the people attending town hall meetings on health care reform were not representative of most Americans. He is ignoring the truth that they are representative.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have called the town hall meeting attendees Astroturf as opposed to real grassroots – un-American and a bunch of crazies simply because we passionately disagree with ObamaCare and DemocratCare.
That’s what liberals do. They shift the subject, ignore the truth and call opponents names in order to avoid a real debate or rational discussion. These are their SIN tactics.
Single Payer Health Care System

In their own words: President Barack Obama, Rep. Barney Frank and Representative Jan Schakowsky all saying they favor a single payer health care system. http://hermancain.com/audio/single_payer_mix.mp3
You Bet We’re CrazyAugust 17, 2009By Herman Cain
Since April 15, 2009, I have been a keynote speaker at no less than a dozen events called tea parties, rallies or town hall meetings. I have even done live broadcasts of my radio show from several of these events, some of which you can view at “The Best of Herman Cain”.
Regardless of what you call them, the sentiment being expressed by people in attendance is not Astroturf or manufactured emotions as described by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. The people are not wackos, paid plants, extremists or any of the other names used by the Democrats and some in the media to try and marginalize, demean, discourage and intimidate “We the People”.
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They Think We’re Stupid, But We Can CountAugust 10, 2009By Herman Cain
They think we’re stupid! The president and the Democrats wanted 256 million of us to feel guilty that 50 million Americans did not have health insurance in this country. That didn’t work because a closer look at the numbers revealed that the real number is around 10 million, who could be insured with less expensive and less disruptive solutions.
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We Are Not SheepleAugust 3, 2009By Herman Cain
The government is not my shepherd, and I shall not surrender my liberties.
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Health Care Questions Obama Can’t AnswerJuly 27, 2009By Herman Cain
During President Obama’s primetime press conference last Wednesday, he made the usual promises about Obamacare, which have no resemblance to what Congress is working on. The president continues to promise more choices, better health care, fewer costs and less government intervention. The “Health Care De-form” legislation working its way through Congress is just the opposite.
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Obamacare: Medicare’s Ugly Twin SisterJuly 20, 2009By Herman Cain
While President Obama continues to give speeches that make health care reform sound like a beauty queen, the legislation moving through Congress resembles Medicare’s ugly twin sister.
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Land of the Czars: Obama’s Unmanageable Executive StructureJuly 13, 2009By Herman Cain
There are now 34 presidential “czars” if we include the upcoming addition of an “insurance czar”. With the conflicts and confusion that are bound to happen between the czars and the cabinet heads, the president has added an additional management responsibility to his plate.
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Barney Frank: Certified Elected CrookJuly 6, 2009By Herman Cain
While the mainstream media was saturated with coverage of celebrity deaths last week, the House of Representatives passed the Cap & Trade & Tax & Kill bill. The official name is the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, but there is absolutely nothing clean about it.
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Why Does Congress Ignore the Public’s Wishes? Because They Don’t CareJune 29, 2009By Herman Cain
Even though the congressional switchboard was shut down for a while last week due to calls from voters asking their representatives to vote no on the “American Clean Energy and Security Act (HR 2454)”, the House of Representatives narrowly passed it anyway.
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What Conservatives Can DoJune 22, 2009By Herman Cain
Last week my 10-year-old granddaughter gave me a card she made herself that had some hearts drawn on it with the simple message, “Pa Pa, thanks for being there for me.” Yes, it brought a big smile to my face.
That simple message immediately reminded me of three things: The two times I had no one to turn to except my dad – and he was there for me – and the very first time I saw my granddaughter’s face on the day she was born.
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Five Traps That Trick Americans Into Accepting Socialized MedicineJune 15, 2009By Herman Cain
There is no serious debate in Washington about health care, as Democrats make another attempt to confiscate control of our entire health care system. It’s a war of words even among Democrats, as each faction tries to fashion its own idea of how best to get the sheeple on the road to health care rationing.
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Sheeple in a BubbleJune 8, 2009By Herman Cain
Last week I shared with my radio audience two articles about our country’s decline. One was published by a Russian publication and the other was published by a Canadian publication. The headlines of both articles should have been a wake-up call to even the most liberal listeners...
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Health Care Rhetoric vs. FactsJune 1, 2009By Herman Cain
President Obama is pushing Congress to deliver health care legislation by the end of the year. A big problem with that is simply, what is it?
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Our Heroes Didn’t Die to Preserve a Bankrupt NationMay 25, 2009By Herman Cain
In 2007, the political theater consisted of congressional hearings to grill the oil executives because gasoline prices were skyrocketing. Those hearings produced absolutely nothing.
In 2009, the hearings to nowhere have been targeted at the automobile company executives, which have not stopped the inevitable bankruptcies of Chrysler and General Motors. But the taxpayers got to spend billions of dollars (courtesy of our Democrat-controlled Congress) to delay the inevitable.
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The Land of the Free Won’t Succumb to Socialism Without a FightMay 18, 2009By Herman Cain
I attended a gathering of 50 conservative organizations last week, a well as a statewide political party convention, and I took dozens of calls on my nightly radio show. There are a lot of people who are not feeling that this country is still the land of the free, as written in our national anthem.
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Obama’s Intimidation TaxMay 11, 2009By Herman Cain
Eight hundred more IRS agents, closing tax loopholes used by U.S. companies that make money in other countries, and calling businesses “tax cheats” for using the messed up tax code as it is written, is going to inspire lots of multinational companies to create more jobs here in the USA.
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Obama and the Beginning of Voters’ RegretMay 4, 2009By Herman Cain
It did not take 100 days of the new administration for some people to have second thoughts about having voted for President Obama. Most Democratic voters will never admit it. Most Republican voters will be quick to say “I told you so”, while some independent voters are feeling disappointed again.
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Obama is Not in ControlApril 27, 2009By Herman Cain
It did not take 100 days for some of us to recognize that President Obama is not in control of the legislative agenda. Nor did it take 100 days to see that he is being advised to micro-manage the biggest nation on the planet, the United States of America.
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Tea Parties: Tax Day Anger Becomes Everyday AngerApril 20, 2009By Herman Cain
The Obama Administration, the Democrats in Congress, the mainstream media and the flaming liberal media are attempting to downplay the organized anger expressed by hundreds of thousands of people on April 15 at Tax Day Tea Parties across the country.
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Seven Ways to Make Health Care in America BetterApril 13, 2009By Herman Cain
My most recent column highlighted the massive ignorance about the U.S. health care system. Too many people want to fix the leaks in our health care roof by blowing up the building. Here’s a novel idea, let’s just fix the leaks in the roof, and here are seven solutions by Sally Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute.
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Health Care IgnoranceApril 6, 2009By Herman Cain
Each night last week on my three-hour radio talk show I featured a discussion on “Unraveling the Lies about Health Care”. Much of the material was based on a recently published book by CEO Sally Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute. She was my guest one of the nights to give a first-hand perspective on The Top Ten Myths about American Health Care, which is the title of her book.
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Conservatives, Don’t Just Sit There!March 30, 2009By Herman Cain
More government, more taxes and less individual responsibility is called liberal. And this is 100 percent inconsistent with the Constitution.
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The Real Headlines While You Were Watching the AIG Bonus SideshowMarch 23, 2009By Herman Cain
While you were watching the AIG Bonuses Melodrama, you missed some more important headlines that should have been aired in the media. We were all victims of congressional theatrics and media frenzy at its best.
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With America at a Crossroads, Duty Falls to the Defending FathersMarch 16, 2009By Herman Cain
This nation is at a critical crossroad in its history with new and different challenges to those founding ideals – an economic recession, creeping socialism, heightened class warfare and national security threats at home and abroad.
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Mathematically Assured DepressionMarch 9, 2009By Herman Cain
Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) was a doctrine of the Cold War (1950s to 1990s) in which MAD was seen as helping to prevent any direct full-scale nuclear conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union. In other words, it was a lose-lose scenario for both countries if either one attacked first.
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Worse Than ExpectedMarch 2, 2009By Herman Cain
The U.S. Commerce Department announced on Friday that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) decreased at an annual rate of 6.2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2008, which was worse than the minus-3.8 percent preliminary estimate.
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A National Bad AttitudeFebruary 23, 2009By Herman Cain
Consistent bad news will eventually lead to a bad attitude, and a bad attitude leads to failure. Just ask any high achiever in business, sports or any endeavor of life.
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The Obama-Pelosi-Reid ‘Stimulus’: A Victory for SocialismFebruary 16, 2009By Herman Cain
Despite an avalanche of objections from the public, the so-called “Economic Stimulus Bill” has passed Congress and President Obama will sign it into law. The result is bigger government and a smaller economy.
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Card Check LiesFebruary 9, 2009By Herman Cain
When someone takes the time to actually read the proposed "Card Check" legislation (H.R. 800), and cut through the intentionally confusing legalese, you will discover that many of the proponents of this legislation have lied. Review the following side-by-side comparison of the rules for unionizing a workplace now versus what the rules would look like if the legislation passes, and you make the call.
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It’s the Political StimulusFebruary 2, 2009By Herman Cain
This extended celebration of President Obama’s official move into the White House, plus the current economic crisis, has given the Democrats in Congress a convenient cover to try to steamroll their long-awaited list of socialist policies and pet pork projects into law. In the process, we the people get the shaft again.
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Obama: Right Inspirational Style, Wrong SignalsJanuary 26, 2009By Herman Cain
When we get past the historical significance of President Obama’s political victory, and we get past the rightly deserved celebrations, there are some themes spoken by now-President Obama that are beginning to cause me great concern for the future of our country.
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Who Cares About $350 Billion?January 19, 2009By Herman Cain
An awful lot is going on that can distract our attention from the fact that the federal government is about to allocate $350 billion that may accomplish nothing whatsoever.
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Congressman Louis Gohmert’s Tax Holiday Lost in ChaosJanuary 12, 2009By Herman Cain
A great economic stimulus proposal by Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas has gotten lost in the midst of bailout mania, spending madness, political scandals and the media’s pom-pom parade for President-elect Barack Obama.
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The Intelligent Thinkers Movement: A New Year’s RevolutionJanuary 5, 2009By Herman Cain
Let’s be clear! This revolution is not about bombs and bullets. It is about computer bits and brains – a technologically empowered citizen’s movement to take back our government.
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Obama’s Big Mistake: ‘Deficits Don’t Matter’December 29, 2008By Herman Cain
President-elect Barack Obama has made a big mistake that, as usual, the mainstream media has given him a pass on by not making a big deal about it.
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‘Employee Free Choice Act’ May Be Unconstitutional, But Dems Will Try AnywayDecember 22, 2008By Herman Cain
OK! I said last week I would try to find some holiday cheer for this week, after sharing with you the depressing discovery that the union payoff legislation, or “Employee Free Choice Act,” from the Democrats in Congress would eliminate secret ballots and a vote altogether.
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