Thursday, October 23, 2008

Murtha Must Go.. Vote for Lt. Col. Russell

It is time for Murtha to go... He is an embarrassment to Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional district
Boots on the Ground: Join the Russell Brigade at:
Vote for a man you can be proud of Lt. Col. William Russell (ret)
Lt. Col. Russell well: “Stand Up for Western Pennsylvania!”
Join the Russell Brigade at:

The campaign of Lt. Col. Bill Russell (ret) is releasing a :30 television commercial for immediate web release. The ad is entitled “Stand Up for Western Pennsylvania!”
The commercial is a direct rebuttal of Congressman Jack Murtha’s widely reported comments characterizing Western Pennsylvanians as “racists.”

Smear merchant John Murtha does it again; Pennsylvania, you have a choice!
By Michelle Malkin • October 21, 2008 10:19 AM
"...Troop-slandering, race card-wielding John Murtha has gone and opened his mouth again — removing whatever last iota of doubt there may be about his fundamental character damage.

Here he is trashing the western part of his state as “redneck” bigots after non-apologize-apologizing for suggesting they were all RAAAACISTS last week.

I repeat: Why, why, why is this man still in office?

Pennsylvanians need to know they have a choice.

I have been blogging for more than a year about the candidacy of stellar GOP upstart candidate William Russell. In July, I wrote a column about Bill — dubbing him the man who could topple John Murtha.

Many of you have already pitched in with donations and support.
Redouble your efforts! Stand up.

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